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Global Must Reads's editorial team monitors more than a hundred respected sources from around the world and presents concise summaries of the most interesting press commentary and of the best think tank publications on important transatlantic matters.

We also interview leading personalities working in the international arena and weigh arguments of contested policy issues in a pro & con.

Top Press Commentary  | Trade, Economics & Finance  

It Is Time for Transatlantic Free Trade

S.E. Eizenstat & D.S. Hamilton, EUBC & JHU | December 19, 2012 Europe buys three times more US products than China. ++ Though US orientation towards Asia is legitimate, the importance of transatlantic relations must not be neglected. ++ A Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement can significantly foster bilateral economic growth. ++ Liberalizing trade and eliminating tariffs can lead to 7 million new jobs in both the US and ...More

Top Press Commentary  | Turkey  

Turkey and the EU - a Slow Alienation

Amanda Paul, Today's Zaman | December 18, 2012 Negotiations between the EU and Turkey about full membership have almost come to a dead end. ++ A breakthrough will be difficult to achieve due to the continuing criticism on Turkey’s restrictions on human rights. ++ Recent surveys show a decreasing identification of Turks as Europeans and as Turkey as a part of Europe. ++ Direct Turkish involvement ...More

Top Press Commentary  | India  

Overrating China Neglects India's Prospects

A. Gary Shilling, President GS & Co. | December 17, 2012 Touting China as global growth engine can prove to be a deception. ++ China has to transform its internationally oriented economy into a domestically directed one. ++ China’s governmental structure, its one-child policy, an aging population and rising wages are some of the Chinese flaws. ++ India offers much better conditions for foreign investment and ...More

Top Press Commentary  | Eastern Europe/Central Asia  

US-Russian Relations: Towards The Eurasia Pivot

T. E. Graham & D. Trenin, Kiss. Assoc. & CC Moscow | December 14, 2012 Cooperation between the US and Russia in international affairs still suffers from mutual distrust. ++ An improvement demands the willingness to shape a longer-term strategy addressing contemporary global challenges. ++ American and Russian interests do not necessarily collide. ++ A common agenda can be possible when it comes to the rise of China, energy ...More

Top Press Commentary  | Climate Change  

Climate Change: The US and its Credibility Problem

Alexander Ochs, World Watch Institute (in German) | December 12, 2012 Neither the Bush nor the Obama administration could successfully alter the bad US image in combating climate change. ++ Given latest decisions in US climate policy, the US seems unwilling to take the lead. ++ However, the US reduced its emission of carbon dioxide by 10 percent and increased its percentage of renewables. ++ Despite this domestic development, the ...More

3 comments Top Press Commentary  | NATO Strategic Concept  

Strengthening "Defense Europe" within NATO

Laurent Fabius, Foreign Minister of France | December 7, 2012 NATO has to remain a special instrument of the trans-Atlantic relationship. ++ The return of France to integrated command, however, must not affect the independence of its foreign policy. ++ Events like the Libya crisis have demonstrated the need for common European action and European defense policy. ++ NATO members should actively and calmly discuss a new ...More

1 comment Top Press Commentary  | Transatlantic  

Why Not Create an "Economic NATO"?

David Ignatius, The Washington Post | December 6, 2012 Historically, austerity measures have proven wrong to stimulate sustainable economic growth. ++ A trans-Atlantic free trade agreement can be the right move to foster both the US and the European economies. ++ Harmonizing markets and reducing trade barriers through a so called "Economic NATO" can serve as a catalyst for job growth and would boost US and European ...More

December 3, 2012 |  1 comment Atlantic Faces  | Trade, Economics & Finance  

Shada Islam, Friends of Europe

Shada Islam is the head of the Asia Programme at Friends of Europe - a Brussels-based European think-tank promoting discussion and debate on the future of the EU. For over 25 years, she has covered Europe-Asia relations as a correspondent for the Far Eastern Economic Review and the German News Agency. As an expert on Asia, she has broadcast experience with the ...More

1 comment Top Press Commentary  | North American  

US Should Engage with Mexico

Editorial, The Economist | December 3, 2012 Despite the worldwide discussion on economic growth in the BRICs, the US might be well-advised to look more south. ++ In the coming years, the US will acknowledge an increasing Mexican influence in imports with "Made in Mexico" having replaced "Made in China". ++ Mexico in US perception still has a bad image due to high violence and drug trafficking, yet the ...More

Best Of Think Tanks  | Polar Politics  

Arctic Strategies

Alyson Bailes & Lassi Heininen, University of Iceland | December 2012 Abstract: "The future of the Arctic, as its ice melts by land and sea, has become a hot topic in governmental as well as academic and media circles.  Over the last decade, each of the eight countries that founded the Arctic Council - Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, the Russian Federation, Sweden and the USA - has published at least one major ...More


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