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December 24, 2012 Your Opinion  

Editorial Team

Happy Holidays!

Editorial Team: We would like to wish all members and other readers Merry Christmas and a great start into 2013. We appreciate all for your excellent contributions to this open think tank. We will return with new content and a new layout in mid January.

In 2012, has impressed people throughout the foreign policy community. As members, you are an integral part of its success, so we want to share some of the compliments and testimonials we receive from decision makers, think tankers, and academics: Praise for Atlantic Community Moreover, we recommend to review our open think tank’s 2012 highlights and the most commented articles of the year. Your ideas are making an impact and we look ...More

December 21, 2012 |  3 comments Your Opinion  

Editorial Team

NATO's Senior Defense Economist on Security Despite Austerity - Part 2

Editorial Team: Adrian Kendry responds to member questions about NATO capabilities, specialization, and other aspects of smart defense. He also explains NATO’s commitment to energy efficiency and talks about resource wars and terrorist financing.

NATO's Senior Defense Economist Adrian Kendry has responded to ten questions from members about the interaction of economic and security challenges. In the first part, Mr. Kendry explained potential threats to the stability of the Alliance, terrorist recruitment and defense spending levels: NATO's Senior Defense Economist on Security Despite Austerity - Part 1 Following are his ...More

December 20, 2012 |  2 comments Book Reviews  

Niklas  Anzinger

Robert D. Kaplan: The Revenge of Geography

Niklas Anzinger: Stratfor's geopolitical chief-analyst Robert D. Kaplan was recently ranked 82nd place of Foreign Policy´s "Top 100 Global Thinkers". His ideas about the Balkans and Asia have significantly influenced the policies of US administrations. In 2010 ("Monsoon"), Kaplan highlighted the importance of the Indian Ocean in the future - a theme caught by the Obama administration´s "Asia-pivot"-strategy. In his new book, ...More

December 17, 2012 Your Opinion  

Paul  Smyth

The West May Regret Taking Sides In Syria

Paul Smyth: A popular revolt seeking political freedoms has become a civil war in which democratic objectives are increasingly sidelined. If Assad falls before an effective alternative government is available, a power vacuum may exist in which Islamist groups seek to rule the country. For women, liberals and minorities, life after Assad may not bring progress.

Grounded on a small Alawite minority, the Assad Regime suffers an intrinsic weakness it has repeatedly exacerbated through its own actions.  In the early days of the current crisis it reacted disproportionately to peaceful protests and later, as conflict ensued, its indiscriminate employment of military power and the use of barbaric shabiha militias offended much of the countryʼs large Sunni majority.  Despite ...More

December 14, 2012 Your Opinion  

Editorial Team

How to Write a Good Your Opinion Article

Editorial Team: As an open think tank we provide a platform for anyone with good ideas on how to improve transatlantic policy. Writing op-eds can be very intimidating if you have never published one before. Here is some practical advice, as well as our editorial guidelines.

We encourage students and professionals to develop and share their analyses, commentary and policy advice on contemporary issues of the economy, international security, and globalization. This text will explain how to: 1) submit your article, 2) plan your arguments, and 3) structure your piece. Please read the entire text carefully before sending in a submission. We recognize that we have tough criteria, but once you get into the swing of ...More

December 13, 2012 |  1 comment Your Opinion  

Editorial Team

NATO's Senior Defense Economist on Security Despite Austerity - Part 1

Editorial Team: Adrian Kendry has answered questions from members about the security implications of the financial and economic crises. In the first part, he talks about potential threats to the stability of the Alliance, terrorist recruitment and defense spending levels.

NATO's Senior Defense Economist Adrian Kendry has recorded an exclusive video on the interaction of economic and security challenges. Then members submitted questions about maintaining security despite austerity. We will now present Mr. Kendry's answers in two parts. In the first part Adrian Kendry describes the combination of declining defense spending and growing economic and ...More

December 10, 2012 |  1 comment Your Research  

Term Paper: Rising Dragon

Georgi Ivanov: The ongoing financial crisis is a forewarning of America’s declining role as the custodian of global finance and China’s increasingly important role in the world economy. The hypothesis posited and analyzed here is that a multilateral global economy, led by China, is the best alternative for a stable global financial system in the 21st century.

The question posited in this paper was what China's role in an emerging global multilateral financial system would be? The answer I offer is that it will be primarily a role, which sacrifices national freedom for the collective good in a way in which everyone in the system is better off. On the question of currency reserves, China's vast resources can help underpin a multilateral reserve currency that is not vulnerable to the economic cycles in a single country ...More

December 10, 2012 |  3 comments Your Opinion  

Germany: The Abstention Champion

Oliver Krumme: Germany’s present foreign policy has been marked by not taking positions in crucial votes during its two-year membership of the UN Security Council. Whenever there was a decision to make, it was almost certain for Germany to abstain. Germany is the undisputed abstention champion.

The UN General Assembly has recently approved a motion to grant a non-member observing state status to Palestine. Exactly 138 states have approved this motion, 9 rejected, 41 abstained. As predicted, Germany was one of these abstaining countries, again. The expiring membership of the UN Security Council by the end of this year provides an ideal opportunity to evaluate German foreign policy after this two year period - also regarding next year's ...More

December 7, 2012 Your Opinion  

Editorial Team

Most Commented Articles in 2012

Editorial Team: The most intense debates among members were about NATO, Iran, Syria, Hungary and translantic relations in general. Twenty articles received more than ten comments this year.

More than 20 comments: Sascha Lohmann: Fear No More and Engage Iran (41 comments) Tabish Shah: NATO and Syria: A Case for Intervention (27) Dmitry Stefanovich: NATO and Russia Need the "Smarts" to Cooperate (26) Andrew Barr: By the Numbers: How Quantifying State Action Can Lead to a Better NATO (24) Vivien Pertusot: Partnerships Should Be Incentivized: (22) Stephanie Theresa Baulig: NATO Academies: Learning Together, Training Together, ...More

December 5, 2012 Your Opinion  

The First European to Meet Obama after his Reelection

Georgi Ivanov: Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov visited President Obama on Monday and brought also the ministers of foreign affairs, defence and interior to Washington. Bulgaria is located at the crossroads of three continents and transit country for two strategic natural gas pipeline projects. Relations with the US are perhaps the best in their 110-year history.

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov was in Washington on Monday for a visit with Barack Obama. He was the first European leader to see the president since his successful re-election, and the delegation included the ministers of foreign affairs, defence and interior. This meeting between the two heads of state came at a time when bilateral relations have been perhaps the best in their 110-year history, as NATO allies and ...More


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