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Our Mission is the first online platform for transatlantic debate on key issues of international politics and globalization. Our aim is to end the exclusivity of policy discourse and give voice to a new generation of thinkers and young leaders.

The website operates under two guiding principles:

  • Today’s transatlantic agenda is global. The challenges facing North America and Europe – from energy security to counteracting terrorism – can only be solved through close cooperation.
  • Truly democratic dialogue which is grounded in transparent debate is the key to cooperative solutions.

Our open think tank is available 24 hours a day, and provides a place where you can actively engage in setting the transatlantic agenda. We encourage people from all over the world to participate, whether or not they form part of the Atlantic community in a geographic sense. All earnest contributions are welcome.

Our goals are:

  • To empower the younger generation by providing students and young professionals the chance to get published and debate with decision-makers on an equal footing. On good arguments rank above seniority or academic degrees.
  • To strengthen the transatlantic community by involving all spheres of society (government, economy, media, culture, science) and all generations in the search for solutions to current global challenges.
  • To improve communication across the Atlantic without the need for conferences and face-to-face meetings. We envisage as a permanent conference.
  • To bring together the collective intelligence of our members in order to develop new ideas and concepts of how Europe and America can cooperate over foreign and security policy as well as globalization in the twenty-first century. Our approach is constructive, nonpartisan, and aims at problem solving.
  • To outline these ideas and concepts for decision-makers in “Atlantic Memos.” This gives our members real political influence, while decision-makers benefit from the next generation’s fresh ideas.
  • To create an interactive database along the lines of LinkedIn, Xing, and Facebook in which present and future players in transatlantic relations can register and network. enables you to profit from the following key features:

  • Best Of: The site features daily Top Press Commentary and a regular Best of Think Tanks section. Save time and read the most interesting material in moments.
  • Forum: Members can publish their own articles on the website and thus share and discuss their ideas alongside senior policy makers. More information.
  • Atlantic Memos: The best arguments from Forum debates are presented to decision-makers as executive summaries with policy recommendations. This way the arguments from can make a difference.
  • Social Community: Members can find peers with the same areas of interest and can make contact with one another through the social networking features.
  • Archive: Users can search through our archive on international political issues. A world of information lies at your fingertips.

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