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You can use tags to further describe the information you discuss or read on the Atlantic Community. Think of them as index terms to help readers to see what your comment is about now and find it more easily later.

When you begin typing into the tag box, a list of pre-existing tags will appear. These are the tags which have already been created by readers and editors on the Atlantic Community. Before creating your own tag, check to see that someone else hasn't already used it: for example, if you want to create a tag called "Chinese economy", you might type in a "Ch" and notice that "China's economy" has already been added. If this is the case, "China's economy" is the better tag choice.

You can add as many tags as you like: separate each one with a comma and a space, like this:

China's economy, transatlantic debates, proliferation, terrorism

Tags also help everyone to keep track of what's being talked about on the Atlantic Community. The tag cloud will show you which tags are being used the most at any given time.


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