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December 17, 2012 | Overrating China Neglects India's Prospects

Touting China as global growth engine can prove to be a deception. ++ China has to transform its internationally oriented economy into a domestically directed one. ++ China’s governmental structure, its one-child policy, an …More

December 10, 2012 | Rising Dragon

Georgi Ivanov: The ongoing financial crisis is a forewarning of America’s declining role as the custodian of global finance and China’s increasingly important role in the world economy. The hypothesis posited and analyzed here is that a multilateral global economy, led by China, is the best alternative for a stable global financial system in the 21st century. …More

November 9, 2012 | Hu's Contradictory Legacy

Political, economic and societal inconsistencies have increased during Hu’s tenure in office. ++ In foreign policy, China has made progress with regard to the Taiwan issue, but has worried Asian states and the USA with growing “hawkish” …More

September 18, 2012 | Strengthening EU-China Relations

Pop Irina Ionela: The European Union’s strategy in its economic relations with China needs to be coherent, feasible and more interest-based. The EU could take on several initiatives, including granting China market economy status, negotiating a bilateral investment agreement, and improving EU-China relations within international institutions. …More

September 18, 2012 | A Win-Win: Chinese Banks in the European Market

China’s second largest bank, China Construction Bank, wants to buy $15.8b worth of assets in a European bank. ++ With the rapid growth of the Chinese economy, their initiative makes sense, but the differences in …More

August 16, 2012 | China: Friend of Foe of the International Order?

Patrick Steiner: It is often believed the rise of a superpower threatens the existing world order. In light of China’s increasing superpower status and its recent veto on the Syria Resolution, can it be considered a threat to the international community? …More

August 6, 2012 | Thought Control in a Digital World

The analogue years are long over, as an increasing number of people across the globe have access to the information that they need from digital media. ++ It is becoming more difficult for authoritarian regimes to mis/disinform the public. ++ …More

June 11, 2012 | Bejing's Confusion Over Arab Spring

China’s initial stance on the Arab Spring was grounded in Mao Zedong’s five principles of co-existence: advocate stability, support state sovereignty and favor a return to normalcy. ++ From opposing Libyan intervention to …More

May 16, 2012 | China and Iran: Economic, Political, and Military Relations

Over the past few decades, China and Iran have developed a broad and deep partnership centered on China’s energy needs and Iran’s abundant resources as well as significant non-energy economic ties, arms sales and …More

May 14, 2012 | Asia and the New World Order

Asia faces significant roadblocks to continued success. ++ The region must deal with territorial disputes, historical rivalries, and competition over resources. ++ Asia has no proper security architecture. ++ While China is rising, the other Asian …More

May 2, 2012 | "Designed in Europe" Meets "Made in China"

China’s ongoing process of găigé kāifàng (reform and opening up to the West) and the process of European integration are both paving way for a more economically fruitful future. ++ In an effort to …More

April 25, 2012 | Yuan Not to Blame!

America’s trade deficit with China mounted to a hefty US$295 billion in 2011. ++ China has been accused for allegedly manipulating its currency, thereby driving the US trade deficit. ++ In reality, however, China’s trade surpluses can be …More

April 18, 2012 | South Asia in the Coming Decade

South Asia has the potential to become a geopolitical and economic power, despite suffering from corruption, terrorism, poverty, poor infrastructure, insufficient healthcare, and major socio-economic inequalities. ++ The region is reaching a …More

April 10, 2012 | The Shortcomings Holding China Back

China’s rise to the top is not preordained. ++ Its system is cracked along political, economic, and social lines. ++ The choosing of party leaders is not transparent. ++ China relies far too heavily on exports and investment in infrastructure …More

February 29, 2012 | New Zealand Resisting China in The South Pacific

MP John Hayes recently mentioned “resisting” Chinese influence in the South Pacific in a now leaked email. ++ China will deploy forces within the South Pacific as it is now a major corridor between South American and Australasian …More

February 15, 2012 | US and China: The View From Britain

The UK is advantaged by being a medium-sized power because it can watch from afar whilst other powers vie for the new global order. ++ Mr Xi Jinping’s trip to America is a perfect example of this high stakes encounter. ++ A US trip is a …More

January 25, 2012 | Dr. van der Putten, Clingendael Security and Conflict Programme

Dr. Frans-Paul van der Putten joined Atlantic Community in 2010. He is Senior Research Fellow at the Clingendael Security and Conflict Programme and at Clingendael Asia Studies. In this interview Dr. Frans-Paul …More

January 18, 2012 | North Korea & China: Succession Parallels

Kim Jong Un may suffer the same fate as Mao’s appointed successor in 1976, Hua Guofeng. ++ Mao and Kim Jong Il chose weak figures to succeed them for fear of being outshone in their lifetime. ++ North Korea’s leader has no …More

January 13, 2012 | An International Event Calendar for 2012

Editorial Team: Elections and transfers of power look set to dominate world events in 2012. Will Chinese leadership adopt a more aggressive stance? Will Egypt develop into an Islamist regime? Here is a brief look at these and other events likely to shape the new year. Feel free to share any events you think will also be important. …More

January 12, 2012 | Helping Iran Weather the Storm

China’s position over a possible Iran war is difficult as China has huge oil interests at stake. ++ China should not expect Russia to act on the issue and needs to act in accordance with its own interests. ++ If the US sanctions Chinese companies …More

December 20, 2011 | China and the EU: Finding "El Dorado" Together

Jiang Shixue: China can support the Strategic Partnership between Europe and Latin America, creating a trilateral relationship through a joint investment fund which would provide needed capital to Europe and support China’s “going global” strategy. But for such a triangulation to be successful, the EU must overcome its fear of China. …More

December 13, 2011 | Germany Should Not Choose Trade Over Human Rights

Franco Pedroni: Germany, like its European partners, is supposed to stand for human rights, freedom, and dignity. But in its trade relationships with a Chinese system that exploits its people and uses them to profit on the world market, it caves to economic pressures and betrays its values. …More

November 26, 2011 | Nina Hachigian, Center for American Progress

Nina Hachigian is a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, and co-author of The Next American Century: How the U.S. Can Thrive as Other Powers Rise.
Ms. Hachigian’s research interests include great power …More

November 22, 2011 | China Can Beat America on Morals

The United States and China will compete over global power, but that competition is likely to be more about politics than economics. ++ China can overcome American hegemony not by buying loyalty with economic aid but by developing a more equal …More

November 18, 2011 | China's Alternative World Order Leaves Europe a Choice

Liselotte Odgaard: China is pursuing an alternative to Western political order based on absolutist state sovereignty and a non-military and non-political approach to global governance and development. As international norms become more regional and fractured, European states may end up choosing between two competing visions as individuals, not a cohesive European unit. …More

October 24, 2011 | Time to Call China's Bluff on Environmental Regulation

Jason Naselli: China’s new environmental regulations on mineral mining are seen by many as a ploy to inflict economic costs on competitors. But they can also be an avenue to open up dialogue between China and the West on environmental policy and our approach to global resource problems. …More

October 20, 2011 | Don't Start a Trade War, America. You Won't Win.

China’s currency manipulation is now a real problem for both the US and the People’s Republic, and the US Congress should make some effort to press China on this issue; however, the current plan to place tariffs …More

September 27, 2011 | China's Not Ready To Become a Responsible Power

Despite cultivating the image of a “peaceful power”, Beijing’s response to the Libyan intervention was a missed opportunity for China to embrace the role of a global leader. ++ Instead of acting as a responsible member of the …More

September 27, 2011 | Dispelling Myths on China's Role in Africa

Ben John Baxter: Despite being a significant provider of aid and assistance to the developing world, China is not a part of the international aid decision-making process. Given its tremendous support for infrastructure projects in Africa, China deserves more recognition from the West for its development efforts. …More

September 8, 2011 | The EU's Policy Response to China's Resource Diplomacy in Africa

Anna Katharina Stahl: Due to its growing demand for raw materials, China is actively seeking to extract African natural resources. Instead of being perceived as rivals in the region, both China and the EU should seek to increase cooperation for their mutual benefit. …More

September 1, 2011 | Smiles on Surface, but Distrust Between US and China

The US-China relationship suffers from a mutual lack of trust. ++ A zero-sum view of the world sees any Chinese economic or military gains as “expansionary” at the expense of the West, just as Beijing is …More

August 24, 2011 | China Must Rethink Economic Growth Model

China has criticized the US for its debt problems, but Beijing’s own growth model is “fraught with difficulties”. ++ Since US and EU debt issues leave its export-driven economy vulnerable to market fluctuations, Beijing …More

August 16, 2011 | The South China Sea Will be the Center of Geopolitics

The most contested areas of the globe in the 20th century lay on dry land in Europe, but in the 21st century they are in the “seascape of East Asia,” which is quickly becoming the world’s “new center of naval activity.” ++ …More

August 12, 2011 | US and Europe Must Support BRIC Recovery

The world economy now depends less on the leadership of the US and Europe, and more on the domestic consumption of large developing markets. ++ Western policymakers should be wary of new monetary stimulus, as a weaker dollar could raise …More

July 14, 2011 | Despite Rise, China Could be Doomed

As China continues its meteoric rise and challenges US economic supremacy, both China’s growth and America’s shaky position tend to be overstated. ++ China’s massive infrastructure investments lack transparency and predictability, and …More

July 13, 2011 | Conflict Is Virtually Inevitable

Greg Randolph Lawson: Between China’s growing military expenditures and its aggressive stands over certain territory in the South China Sea along with concerns over an inwardly focused United States, there is a sense that the balance of power in East Asia is shifting. …More

June 28, 2011 | China's Naval Posturing Strains Sino-American Relations This Article contains Flash-Video

Nico Segers: The military rise of China is raising concerns over provocative naval pursuits in the East Chinese, South Chinese and adjacent seas. Escalations about disputed areas with Vietnam and the Philippines puts stress on wider Sino-American relationships and may block further military-to-military dialogue. …More

May 2, 2011 | Growth, the Rural Gap and Legitimacy in China

Franziska Petersen: This paper analyzes how the rural gap and the environmental question may stifle the legitimacy of the Chinese regime and thus the continuation of the process of accumulation and growth in China. …More

April 8, 2011 | We Must Condemn Chinese Crackdowns

Beyond routine crackdowns, China is attempting to redefine limits of expression and reverse civil society advances made over past decade. ++ Secret police have shifted to extrajudicial tactics, with a government spokesman warning “the law was …More

March 14, 2011 | The US Will Have to Feed China

“Just as China is America’s banker, America could become China’s farmer.” ++ Due to population growth and desertification China has to increase imports for grain to avoid politically destabilizing price spikes. ++ “Chinese agriculture …More

March 3, 2011 | China's North Korea Gamble

Bailey H Culp: Despite persistent pleas by the transatlantic community, Beijing will likely choose to do little to change the belligerent behavior of North Korea, instead preserving its own long-term economic, security, and geopolitical interests. …More

February 24, 2011 | China's Perceived Threat to Transatlantic Security

Mei Gechlik: Hi-tech firms in the US and EU have expressed concerns about China’s indigenous innovation policy. Intellectual property rights and restricted access to the Chinese market for foreign firms are causing friction. The implications of this policy for transatlantic security have so far gained little attention. …More

February 22, 2011 | The World Needs an Assertive China

Beijing’s current departure from its peaceful rise strategy as seen by its attitude toward internet freedom, Tibet and Taiwan, has damaged relations with the US. ++ This attitude is not “assertive”, but rather reactive and conservative. ++ …More

January 19, 2011 | China's Rapid Rise: No Real Recipe for Progress

China’s economic rise “is not a formula for success in the 21st century.” ++ Yet, some observers interpret it as a sign that China’s system is superior to the West, whose decadence and decline were revealed by the …More

December 14, 2010 | Don't Let China Be a Middle Kingdom Bully

China has gone too far in the debacle surrounding the Nobel Peace Prize award. ++ By throwing its weight around, Beijing coerced sixteen countries into boycotting the ceremony. ++ Considering its recent economic success, China is …More

December 8, 2010 | Some Hard Truths about China's Soft Power

Stephen Minas: The events which surrounded the recent Shanghai Expo showed why China does not have much soft power and why the West, broadly defined, still has it in spades. China’s reaction to the awarding of a Nobel Prize to one of its dissidents is a clear example of this. …More

November 9, 2010 | China's Road to Success Lies in Trade with the West

British PM David Cameron is leading one of the biggest ever trade delegations to China. ++ China has been slow in opening up its economy to the rest of the world lest it fall into the capitalist trap. ++ Mr. Cameron’s …More

October 26, 2010 | Will China Keep Rising or Succumb to its Paranoia?

China’s gradual ascendence as a globl power has given rise to a new kind of debate among observers. ++ On one hand, China’s economic boom has awed the world while on the other, political fragility beholds uncertainies about …More

October 15, 2010 | China Steps Up Role in Europe

China’s increasing economic involvement in Europe has divided the observers. ++One side views it as a model akin to the “Marshall Plan” while for others, it is another step ahead towards communist dominance in Europe. ++ For many …More

October 13, 2010 | Europe Must Get Inside the Mind of the Dragon

May-Britt Ulrike Stumbaum: The EU cooperates with China on a wide range of issues, despite having an insufficient understanding of Beijing’s strategic goals. As Chinese influence around the world grows, the EU needs to start thinking about China strategically. …More

October 1, 2010 | China and Japan: Trade Wars

A number of states from Latin America and Asia have engaged in currency devaluations of late in order to help their export businesses. ++ Sanctions are also used for political purposes, as in the case of Iran. ++ Now a Chinese move sent …More

September 28, 2010 | Europe's Past shall not be Asia's Future

The recent row between China and Japan over the detention of a Chinese boat captain points out to “structural, strategic and institutional” tension in the relationship. ++ With China’s increasing ascendancy, the …More

September 27, 2010 | America's One Child Policy

Ignored by those talking up the rise of China, the One Child Policy has created a demographic catastrophe. ++ The traditional support system of the extended family has been destroyed as most people no longer have brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, …More

September 21, 2010 | China: Energy Superpower

China is on its way to changing great power politics in the near future. ++ It has already superseded the US in becoming the biggest energy consumer in the world, a growing matter of concern for America. ++ It also seems that it will soon determine …More

September 15, 2010 | China Hits a Great Wall

While many commentators warn of the impending eclipse of Europe and the US by China in the near future, the upcoming “Chinese Century” will in fact last only a few years. ++ A number of factors account for this. ++ Demographic growth is …More

September 15, 2010 | A Critical Look at Western Perceptions of China's IP System

Brian Safran: Transatlantic corporations have channeled their energies into their respective Chambers of Commerce to complain about China’s lack of enforcement of IPR. However, evidence suggests that such firms are not availing themselves to the protections the Chinese system affords. …More

September 7, 2010 | How Europe's Falling Behind Accelerates China's Rise

F.-P. van der Putten: China is in the process of displacing Europe as the second most influential actor in international affairs. As a result the international appeal of political and economic liberalism is diminishing. This process affects Europe and weakens the global standing of the United States. …More

August 24, 2010 | A Currency Battle with China Cannot be Won

The growing US trade deficit with China should not be blamed on the exchange rate – de-linking the two currencies would have a minimal impact at best. ++ There are more effective ways for the US to benefit from China’s growth. ++ …More

August 19, 2010 | The Sino-Russian Border: Anatomy of a Problem Region

Eoin Michael Heaney : The Sino-Russian frontier in the Far East is rife with tension as the Russian population continues to shrink and a booming Chinese economy sends capital and labour northwards. This study explores the economic, demographic, political, and social dimensions shaping this problematic region. …More

August 12, 2010 | How Superpower America Tries to Safeguard its Dominant Position in Asia

Paul-Robert Lookman: The US sees China as its main challenger. To safeguard its position, the US is encircling China militarily and trying to control energy and mineral sources. With military dominance no longer translating in political advantage, the US must develop “soft power” and settle for a multipolar world. …More

August 9, 2010 | Responsible Leader or Immature Superpower?

Editorial Team: The Chinese and American press have expressed new concern about the relationship between the two superpowers. Let’s weigh in: Is China overestimating its power and on the road to war with the United States? Or will economic interdependence ensure that China and the United States stay on a peaceful path? …More

August 9, 2010 | The EU and China in Africa: The Case of Kenya

Daniel Fiott: The West is troubled by Chinese business activities on the African continent, perceiving Chinese firms as satellites of the central state.This paper uses the case study of Kenya to compare the economic and developmental activities of the EU and China in order to address some common misperceptions. …More

July 13, 2010 | Intellectual Property Theft Gives China an Edge

China is America’s most important economic partner, but this relationship is dysfunctional and one-sided. ++ China has shown no progress in enforcing intellectual property rights in the software industry. ++ For every five …More

July 5, 2010 | Challenging the Presumption that China is Weak on Intellectual Property

Brian Safran: Corporations on both sides of the Atlantic have channeled their collective energies into their respective Chambers of Commerce to complain about China’s lack of enforcement of IPR. However, evidence suggests that such firms are not availing themselves to the protections the Chinese system affords. …More

June 4, 2010 | Don't break the China in the China Sea

The failure of Washington and Beijing to come to an understanding in the China Sea may lead to an escalation of tensions. ++ Both countries need an “Incidents at Sea” agreement to prevent further damage to relations. ++ …More

May 5, 2010 | "Don't Believe the Shanghype"

Shanghai, host of the World Expo, is one of the coolest cities. ++ But contrary to its image, Shanghai is not very innovative. ++ Private start-ups are thin ++ Regarding patent grants, a key indicator of innovation, Shanghai “consistently …More

April 16, 2010 | Chanelling Bismarck in China's Foreign Policy

Modern China in many respects finds itself in a similar position to Bismarck’s Germany. ++ After German unification, Bismarck, fearing the development of “hostile coalitions,” sought to preserve the new …More

April 14, 2010 | A Realist Take on China; Iran Sanctions

Recent reports that China is prepared to sign onto a tougher United States sanctions regime on Iran are overblown. ++ In reality, there are several compelling reasons why China will continue to “drag its feet” on Iran sanctions: to …More

April 9, 2010 | China Must Prove its Credibility

“Given its growing profile, China must do far more to demonstrate its bona fides as a responsible global leader or risk undermining the system that has enabled its own miraculous rise.” ++ As a nation knocking on the door of superpower …More

April 8, 2010 | Reasons for Green Optimism

The UN FAO’s last survey of the world’s forests reveals positive news on mother Earth’s health: deforestation, including human-related deforestation, is slowing. ++ However, massively replanted forests such as those in China, do not preserve …More

April 2, 2010 | Is China the Great Currency Manipulator?

China will likely be labeled a “currency manipulator” in the upcoming US Treasury report on foreign currency arrangements. ++ This label could carry a greater diplomatic than economic cost, potentially leading to a trade …More

February 16, 2010 | Another Lesson of Chinese Wisdom

Outstanding records in all fields prove again that 2010 will definitely be the year of China. ++ Beside the 10 Chinese growth rate outrunning the timid 3,9 world GDP, China is surprisingly enough the world’s first importer in almost all raw …More

February 15, 2010 | What Does Chinese Socialist Nationalism Look Like Today?

Filippo / Mauri: How does the Chinese authority deal with the political identity crisis resulting from a socialist and yet ever more opening economy, influenced by Western values? The construction of national identity in the post-Mao era relies heavily on cementing the gap between China and the West. …More

February 12, 2010 | Russian Foreign Policy: Smitten by China?

Russia is increasingly smitten by China.Since the days of Primakov as Foreign Minister, China has largely replaced the West as the object of admiration in Russian foreign policy. This new orientation in Russian foreign policy is not …More

February 9, 2010 | The Gap Between China and India Widens

The gap between China and India continues to grow, despite the tendency to group the emerging countries together. ++ China’s GDP is four times that of India and will likely double over the next 30 years. ++ By 2040 Chinese GDP is …More

January 25, 2010 | China's Economy Grows at the Expense of the World

China’s foreign exchange reserves rose to $2.4 trillion in 2009, two-thirds of which are held in US dollars. ++ The dollar will likely not be dumped by China due to the probability of another economic collapse, which …More

January 13, 2010 | China Responsible for an Open Trade War

China’s merciless economic strategy exacerbates the global economic downturn and international tension. ++ This process of manipulating the currency markets and drowning the world with Chinese exports makes global economies …More

January 4, 2010 | Looking Our for Itself

First and foremost: Beijing’s primary international interest is in preserving its own position. ++ The recent execution of Briton Akmal Shaik, despite official remonstrations by Gordon Brown proves that bilateral ties are limited. ++ China’s …More

December 14, 2009 | Securing Supplies and Sailing into Blue-Waters

Daniel Fiott: China’s quest for natural resources will lead to the strengthening of its navy and possible confrontation with the US. Energy independence can decrease the chances of possible tensions in the world’s oceans and seas. …More

December 1, 2009 | A New Reality for the United States

May Hu: President Obama’s recent visit to China demonstrated that the dragon has awoken and is able to resist outside pressure and does not feel the need to conform to any western models or values. The US can no longer ignore this rising giant, and will become more reliant on soft power and persuasion in this new world order. …More

November 19, 2009 | Obama's Perfect Ambassador to China

Obama’s decision to go “across party lines” and select Jon Huntsman Jr. as US Ambassador to China is a fine decision. ++ “Handling the rise of China may be the biggest challenge facing Washington today” and it needs Huntsman’s …More

November 17, 2009 | 'Hu Jintao, Tear Down That Mao '

Imagine what eastern Europe would look like today if the jubilant scenes at the Berlin wall in 1989 were replaced by a Tienanmen style military reaction. ++ Despite China’s success, the former soviet states of eastern Europe are far …More

November 5, 2009 | What Obama Should Propose in Beijing

M Brzezinski and M Fung: The success of President Obama’s inaugural visit to China depends on his approach. “Constructive engagement” between Washington and Beijing can break the mold of Sino-US relations if a series of “deliverables” can be agreed upon regarding Pakistan, Afghanistan, and informal military cooperation. …More

October 30, 2009 | Consistent Engagement Is Key

Memo 20: With the EU-China summit set to take place late next month presents its findings from our ‘China Rising’ analysis week. With policy suggestions for decision makers we are presenting YOUR views to those that matter. …More

October 16, 2009 | The Dragon's Increasing Thirst for Oil

Dario Cristiani: As China becomes an increasingly important player in the Middle East the West must make sure it maintains its own strategic interests. Facing fresh influence for the first time the Gulf states are set to benefit from feeding the dragon’s increasing thirst for oil. …More

October 12, 2009 | We Must Understand Before Criticizing China

China’s progress is undeniable but we must understand the unique problems that have faced the CCP over the last 60 years before criticizing the lack of political reform. ++ The need to shift 60% of the population from agriculture to …More

October 8, 2009 | China Must Improve Its Human Rights Record

Gordon Cinco: China’s policy towards its ethnic nationalities is unsustainable and inhumane. The international community must exert more pressure on China to abide by its own constitution and respect the human rights of its different ethnic groups. Great power always comes with great responsibility. …More

October 7, 2009 | Hedging Is Wise As China Rises

Greg Randolph Lawson: As China rises, many questions loom about its trajectory. The United States must be prepared to confront everything from continuing economic interdependence to outright military conflict. However, too much emphasis on either extreme would be unwise, thus the U.S. must continue walking a tightrope …More

October 7, 2009 | China's Rise and the Emerging G3 Global Framework

Ting Xu: As China rises so to does a new triangular world order. The G3 of China, The US and the EU must closely integrate their cooperation to avoid another global financial crisis. It is time to move past bilateral dialogue into a multilateral framework equipped to deal with the global problems of the 21st century. …More

October 6, 2009 | China's Quest for an Ecologically Sustainable Culture

James Miller: China has to consider its environmental future and must look to concepts of sustainability to do so. With the indigenous religion of Taoism Beijing has all the tools it needs to foster a culture of sustainability. …More

October 6, 2009 | Will Corruption Bring China to Its Knees?

Marola Padin Novas: Chinese political development is necessary for its economic rise to be sustainable as corruption thrives in the current system. Corruption threatens to undermine the rule of the party and its ability to effectively gain foreign investment. Domestic transparency is therefore the key to China’s sustainable rise. …More

October 6, 2009 | The Inevitable Rise of China and the World's Necessary Response

Hongyi Lai: China’s rise poses two distinct questions. Is it sustainable and how should the West deal with it? An accommodating attitude is the best course as would be a clear and consistent policy that avoids conflict in favor of constructive partnership building. …More

October 5, 2009 | China's Sustainable Growth Uncertain

Marcin Szwajkajzer: China must recognize that the global financial crisis is recalibrating the international economy. This realization is quickly dawning on the CCP as they drive to boost domestic consumption and promote the Yuan internationally. Can this sustain growth? …More

October 2, 2009 | China Shapes a New Asian Order

Stephen Jerome Blank: As China rises so too does its ability to gain leverage internationally. Beijing is now using this to gain increasing influence from the Russian Far East to Central Asia and opening up a new sphere of influence regionally signaling that China’s long phase on the periphery may be at an end. …More

October 1, 2009 | PRC60: Sustainability and Global Consequences

Editorial Team: China tops the agenda at for the next week as the country celebrates its 60th anniversary. The gradual close of the global financial crisis provides the perfect opportunity to reassess, review, and look forward to how the rising dragon may affect the West. …More

October 1, 2009 | Must the Dragon Liberalize In Order to Rise?

Man Tien Hang Tim: If the conventional idea is that liberal democracy is superior to authoritarianism then China’s sustainable rise poses no threat. Either China will eventually become a liberal country or its political system will stunt its growth and it will remain a manageable, medium power. …More

September 22, 2009 | Chinese Secrecy Counter Productive

Despite reforms Chinese politics is still conducted in a highly secretive manner. ++ The failure of senior government officials to explain decisions is continually undermining the power of the CCP and leaving Chinese politics “as if the …More

August 13, 2009 | Beware of the Friendly Dragon

China to use its foreign exchange reserves to accelerate overseas expansion bringing tax revenues and employment to Europe. ++ However, “it can be at odds with the national interests of the host country.” ++ Europe should therefore …More

August 11, 2009 | Does China Matter? A Reassessment

Joshua Posaner: China is often considered to play the role of provocateur globally. Beijing’s alternative model of development coupled with its ability to frustrate the Western powers on issues such as human rights and climate change leave its ability to engage in no question. Ten years after Gerald Segal’s initial argument a fresh evaluation is needed. …More

July 30, 2009 | US-China Talks: Towards a Better Understanding

The US-China talks held over the last two days can be seen as a good start for a better Sino-American relationship. ++ “There is a clear perspective from this meeting that the US and China will cooperate closely on climate …More

July 13, 2009 | Don't Blame the Security Council for North Korea

Adam Chapnick: As the international community struggles to respond effectively to the missile tests by the North Korean government, critics have blamed the United Nations Security Council for failing to deter aggression and preserve world peace. That blame is misplaced. In this case, responsibility for controlling North Korea falls squarely on China. …More

May 29, 2009 | Only China's People Power Can Bring Recovery

US consumers won’t spend us out of the downturn - they lack the leverage: recession ends the old cycle of the US buying up Chinese goods, fueling global growth, building Chinese savings thus financing US borrowing. ++ Recovery is …More

May 22, 2009 | All European Countries Not Equal for China

Tyson Barker and Ting Xu: The true mettle of the Sino-European relationship lies in China’s bilateral relationships with the UK, Germany and France. If the European Union is to forge its own effective relationship with Beijing, it must move member-states beyond their own separate-track approaches to China. …More

May 11, 2009 | World Moving Towards An Owned-By-China Era

China’s £2 trillion of foreign currency reserves could help fix the financial crisis. ++ China is already the sixth largest outward investor. ++ “The era of Made in China is drawing to a close, the era of Owned by China is …More

May 6, 2009 | China's Dilemma at the UN Climate Change Conference

December the UN Climate Change Conference meets in Copenhagen to negotiate a follow up agreement
to the Kyoto Protocol. For China
this represents a double challenge: on the one side the Chinese government …More

April 27, 2009 | No Time for Protectionism Between US and China

The US and China need to seize the opportunity to be more open and cooperate to deal with the slump in trade between the two nations. ++ “Regrettably… trade measures by the US against China are on the rise.” ++ US pleas for the …More

April 21, 2009 | China on Track to Be Global Financial Leader

The global financial crisis has highlighted both the decline of the US and the dependence of the world on China’s economy. ++ Given that reform is inevitable, China will be a central player in whatever new global financial …More

April 15, 2009 | North Korea's Self-Imposed Isolation Is Dangerous

North Korea’s closest ally, China, will have to lead any constructive diplomatic response to Kim Jong-Il’s decision to abandon long-running nuclear non-proliferation talks following international condemnation of Pyongyang’s …More

April 3, 2009 | Economic Crisis Forces China to its Knees - If Only Temporarily

In China signs of the crisis are highly visible: abandoned factories and container ships, bankruptcies, massive migration to the Chinese countryside, and ironically clean air. Due to the large quantities of goods …More

April 3, 2009 | China and India: Two Great Powers Duel in the Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is well on the way to becoming the location of global conflict in the 21st century. Today the third largest body of water on the Earth is already considered the most important cross national sea …More

March 25, 2009 | China to the Rescue

Brazil, Russia, India and China, the “BRIC” countries, have called the IMF to implement sweeping reforms “to adapt to the ever-changing global financial situation.” ++ To give the IMF greater legitimacy, reforms should “give proper representation to and …More

March 4, 2009 | China Has Little Interest in Peaceful Development

Judith Richards: China’s grand strategy aims to enhance its trade and investment interests. Its rhetoric on peaceful attitudes is nothing more than a means to an end. …More

February 27, 2009 | Bronze Heads Stolen, Along with Natural Resources

Victor Hugo condemned the sacking of the Old Summer Palace by British and French forces in 1860. ++ For Pierre Berge to use something that does not belong to him as a bargaining chip over human rights is absurd. ++ The …More

February 24, 2009 | Human Rights Are Important, Hillary

This weekend US Sec. of State Hillary Clinton visited China and let down human rights activists when she “downplayed” the significance of US pressure on China’s dismal HR record. ++ Yes, Chinese cooperation on global …More

February 23, 2009 | Public Opinion's New Role in Chinese Foreign Policy

Patrick Douglass: This paper will analyze how China’s bureaucratic institutions have evolved during the reform era to integrate more points of view, the actors who wield the greatest influence in this new system, and the ways in which public opinion will likely influence Chinese foreign policy in the future. …More

February 18, 2009 | Disempowered Unions Explain Economic Crisis

“Misshapen economic codependency of the US and China” lies at the heart of the economic crisis. ++ E. Asian exports are being left to gather dust in US warehouses whilst the US is paralyzed by debt accumulated to compensate …More

February 10, 2009 | "Iran's New Satellite Challenges China"

Iran celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Islamic Republic by launching a satellite (Omid) into space. ++ While the world over criticized this move, China’s awkward silence has been stirring suspicion. ++ Let’s not …More

February 5, 2009 | Obama Must Stop Protectionism or See It Spread

Protectionist measures, like the proposed Buy American provisions in the US stimulus package, will not be taken lightly by other countries. ++ Even if measures followed WTO rules, China and India can retaliate. ++ Americans will …More

February 2, 2009 | No Time For Tough Talk with China

Sino-US relations have not got off to a good start. ++ US Treasury Sec. Tim Geithner has branded China a “currency manipulator,” a careless move. ++ China is the US’ largest creditor and it is entirely plausible that it will …More

January 19, 2009 | Shopping Does Not Equate To Patriotism

The poor should not be beggared to bail out speculators. ++ Housing, health care and education are so expensive they are creating misery comparable to the ills of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism that once afflicted …More

January 15, 2009 | China's Naval Expansion: Course to the Middle East?

As China’s South Fleet moves into the Gulf of Aden to fight Somali pirates, larger “strategic combat configurations” are at play: namely the Middle East. ++ A presence in Aden could secure China the Middle East access it …More

January 14, 2009 | Anxiety as China Responds to Global Challenges.

China’s deployment of two Chinese destroyers in Somalia as a response to the piracy threat opens a new chapter in Chinese security policy. ++ Although at face value the move is not threatening, it portrays …More

January 14, 2009 | US - China Bilateral Relation; Force For Peace?

The bilateral relation between the two states, fostered 30 years ago, is strengthened as it evolves to cover an increasing range of issues - from the war on terror to climate change - and to produce a global impact. ++ This …More

January 9, 2009 | Colonialism Reloaded: China Is Conquering Namibia

Christiane Doerner: China has arrived in Namibia and with it a new form of colonialism has unfolded. Its effect on Namibia’s domestic industry as well as its employment rate is discernibly negative. …More

January 9, 2009 | Internet Becomes Anti-corruption Tool in China

Last year Chinese officials held a record number of press conferences. ++ For the first time Chinese president Hu Jintao joined a chat on a news portal. ++ Vice mayor Li Ou hosts one of the most popular Chinese blogs. ++ This, …More

January 6, 2009 | Will China Miss George W. Bush?

While the world welcomes the end of the Bush presidency and places its hopes on the man who promised change, China stands aloof from the celebrations. ++ President Bush turned a blind eye to China’s human rights abuses and failed to …More

December 19, 2008 | "Justice in Reverse in China"

This week marks 30 years since China put into place measures to increase economic and political freedoms. ++ The latter have not been realized. ++ On the contrary, China’s judicial system in the years since has been “corrupt and …More

December 19, 2008 | America's Future Place in the World

Global power is increasingly spread-out and is tipping towards Asia. ++ This shift will shape Obama’s political agenda, forcing him to distance himself from unilateralism. ++ Asia is planning an alternative to the IMF and the US …More

December 17, 2008 | China Must Become Part of Solution in Pakistan

China’s behavior towards Pakistan is the first big pointer as to whether it will become a responsible stakeholder on the international stage. ++ Both the US and China have for too long engaged in a hands-off approach in …More

December 16, 2008 | China Looks Vulnerable In Face of Financial Crisis

Protests and strikes have taken place among laid-off workers across China as the financial crisis begins to hit. ++ Global demand for Chinese goods is likely to plummet in 2009, creating heightened tension between the US and …More

December 15, 2008 | China's Great Depression

The myth of decoupled markets is all but shattered. ++ Asian countries, especially China, who benefited from trade imbalances and western overconsumption, will have difficulty adjusting. ++ In reaction to these new economic conditions trade deficit …More

December 12, 2008 | Obama Should Pursue Friendly Chinese Policy

Barack Obama’s approach towards China is unlikely to be confrontational in view of the current global situation. ++ The US has plenty of conflict to deal with elsewhere and needs Chinese cooperation in dealing with North …More

December 5, 2008 | Asia Reverting to Authoritarianism?

In the 1990’s Asia was considered the pioneer in democratic renewal. Out of Asia spread a democratic wave from southern Europe through Latin America and into Africa. In recent times, however, democratization in Asia has experienced …More

December 4, 2008 | China: "Western Institutions Cannot Be Trusted"

China Investment Corporation, a fund that manages foreign exchange reserves for China, says it does not dare invest in western financial institutions. ++ When “government policies change every week, how can you expect that …More

December 3, 2008 | Sino-US Dialogue Essential to Solve Financial Crisis

Tomorrow the fifth Sino-US Strategic Economic Dialogue will start and will focus on how the two economies will face the ongoing financial crisis ++ Other topics on the agenda include energy, environment, trade and investment. …More

December 1, 2008 | "China's Construction Fetish"

China is spending its $586 billion stimulus plan on infrastructure development. ++ However, a steel and concrete stimulus will not provide long-term economic growth. ++ Instead, China should equally distribute ownership rights …More

November 26, 2008 | Dalai Lama Losing Britain in the Financial Crisis

After asking China to give more to the IMF, Britain has drastically changed its position on Tibet, no longer recognizing it as autonomous. ++ This change of heart risks tearing up historical agreements that frame the …More

November 13, 2008 | China Can Rescue the World

China can revive the world economy by strengthening its consumption. ++ Its industrial development has been shaped by US consumer demand and “US consumption has in turn been fueled by Chinese lending that kept interest rates low.” ++ This …More

November 11, 2008 | Getting out of Bretton Woods Was a Bad Idea

Although little can be done until the financial crisis is over, it is time to think about exchange rate reform now. ++ Asian countries devalued their own currency while hording US dollar reserves to boost employment and growth. ++ …More

November 5, 2008 | "China's Way: Firm, Gradual, Holistic"

China’s economy is changing from a centrally planned to a market oriented system. ++ Its GDP has increased tenfold compared to 1978, not without creating causes of concern. ++ The government faces “imbalance of …More

November 3, 2008 | Shangri-La or Bust

Now in the eighth round of the Sino-Tibetan dialogue, China’s expectations are clear: Tibet must follow the Shangri-La model. ++ Shangri-La, part of the Tibet Autonomous Region, is strictly controlled by Beijing, maintaining civil order at all costs. ++ With …More

October 28, 2008 | "30 Years of China-Japan Relations"

30 years after the signing of the Japan-China Peace and Friendship Treaty, the two countries are now more than ever in a position to create positive change in Asia and abroad. ++ The two countries can cooperate on “the regional financial …More

October 24, 2008 | China's Journalism Concession in Context

China’s recent move to make permanent its “modest easing of controls on reporting by foreign journalists” is a half measure following Olympic pledges. ++ Hu Jia is “living proof that human rights in China worsened rather than improved …More

October 15, 2008 | China: Rescuer of the Financial Crisis

The monetary meltdown is partly the result of collapsing consumer and business spending. ++ The assumption that banking sytems could be left alone has proven to be false. ++ There needs to be state-financed banking systems. ++ While …More

October 13, 2008 | American-Chinese Scramble for Africa

China’s demand for raw materials and new markets boosts its appetite for economic and military involvement in Africa. ++ The African continent is increasingly serving as a proxy battleground for Beijing and Washington. ++ China exports …More

October 7, 2008 | China's Financial Policies Harm Domestic Growth

To date China can, through financial repression - state regulation, which undermines market mechanisms in the financial system - sustain the costs of an undervalued currency. However, by adhering to these financial policies, …More

October 7, 2008 | US-Taiwan Arms Sales Prod China Toward Peace

The Bush administration announced its intention to agree to a $6.4 billion arms sale to Taiwan. ++ There are more than 1,400 missiles on the Chinese side of the Taiwan Strait that endanger Taiwan’s security. ++ The sale will …More

September 18, 2008 | US Sanctions on Iran Backfiring

US sanctions on Iran have caused an influx of Iranian trade with nearby Dubai. ++ Visits to the UAE by US officials have resulted in drastically fewer business licenses for Iranians there. ++ This policy has hurt many Iranians who are at odds …More

September 18, 2008 | A Strategic Economic Engagement with China

Given the interdependence between the economic growth of China and the world, it is necessary to integrate China into the global economy system. ++ One option is the US-China Strategic Economic Dialogue (SED), which brings US and …More

September 12, 2008 | Mexico Could be the New China

Due to high oil prices that make transport more expensive, US companies might stop outsourcing to Asia and give Mexico another chance. ++ China’s export taxes are rising, its workers are demanding higher wages and the Chinese currency is rapidly …More

September 3, 2008 | China is to Asia What Kaiser's Germany Was to Europe

China’s emergence as a global power bears eerie resemblance to Germany during the Bismarck era. ++ The reaction back then was World War I, but will the world react better this time? ++ China’s military in Asia does not …More

August 29, 2008 | China Refuses to Back Russia

President Medvedev was unable to achieve the explicit support of the Chinese president for Russia’s intervention in the Caucasus at the latest Central Asian summit. ++ China has not only avoided any anti-western statements so far, it is also …More

August 25, 2008 | China's Struggle for Soft Power

The successful staging of the Olympics is extra important to Beijing as increasing its “soft power” is one of China’s major objectives. ++ Though domestic corruption and lack of democracy makes China attractive in authoritarian and …More

August 11, 2008 | Western View on China is Blurred by Eurocentrism

The West not only dominates the issues of the day, it also neglects perspectives other than its own. ++ Human rights and Tibet are in the center of the Western media coverage of China, but not all countries share this critical …More

August 8, 2008 | Privatization Would Enrich China's Citizens

With regard to the global slowdown, it would be wise if China privatized state-owned assets in order to transform China’s growth model from being export-driven to being stimulated by domestic consumption. ++ Even if the country’s …More

August 8, 2008 | A Chinese Student's Wish List For China

Li Yu: I think the Party will try their great effort to take the Olympics as a good opportunity to show their achievement during the past half century, but for me, I hope this could be a good chance for the world to know more about Chinese culture, Chinese people, and our real life. …More

August 6, 2008 | Olympics a Chance to Boost China-US Relations

US-China relationship is arguably the most important bilateral tie of our time and its benefits are increasingly recognized. ++ One of the advantages of the Olympic Games is that the attention it generates could create a better …More

August 4, 2008 | Who Can Change China?

For China’s strategic and economic interests it is crucial to maintain a good image, otherwise counter-alliances are likely. ++ Nonetheless, the ruling elite is not willing to establish a constitutional state to replace the “socialist constitutional …More

August 4, 2008 | Our Wish List for China

Frank-Walter Steinmeier: The rise of China makes the world a different place. Therefore, China should also accept the responsibilities of a global power. Other countries should seek its cooperation, not confrontation. …More

July 31, 2008 | China's New Antimonopoly Law Takes Effect

Tomorrow China’s new antimonopoly law takes effect. ++ At a formal level, it is comparable to the laws in the US and the EU, but its implementation will not be as simple. ++ The US encourages competition in the marketplace; EU, on the …More

July 30, 2008 | Beijing Must be Tougher on Tehran

Philip Gordon: China does not want to jeopardize its energy deals with Tehran which are essential for its economic development. But this is a short-sighted perspective which overlooks the risks the Iranian nuclear program represents for China itself. It is time for China to think strategically about Iran. …More

July 30, 2008 | Prosperity Not Enough to Make China a Democracy

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder stated in his article on China that the economic wealth will advance the democratic transformation of the country ++ But it is not that simple: the Communist party uses the economic …More

July 22, 2008 | Why we Need Beijing

After the end of the cold war the world experienced a transition period of US dominance. ++ The new world order will be multipolar. ++ Therefore, we need Beijing to solve the global challenges
and it is up to Germany to promote an international integration …More

July 15, 2008 | China's Reserve Accumulation is not Sustainable

China shocks the world and keeps adding record sums to its foreign currency reserves, already the largest in the world. ++ Such reserves are not sustainable: they are a strain on the global balance of payments, fuel rising …More

July 10, 2008 | China's Growing Economy Might Bust the Oil Bubble

Economists are baffled why higher oil prices and higher demand has not lead to higher production. ++ The answer is: the “China bubble.” ++ Oil producing countries are leaving oil in the ground, in hopes that …More

July 8, 2008 | Strains on the Sino-Russian Relationship

On the surface, the strategic Sino-Russian relationship seems at an apex. ++ In reality, however, relations between the two leading Eurasian powers are being weakened by a stalemate in military sales, disputes over energy prices, and a …More

July 4, 2008 | The Last Chance for the Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama seems to be more interested in fanning up international pressure on China than in talking seriously with the central government. ++ However, after the Olympics, his influence in the West will probably fade. ++ His concept of …More

July 3, 2008 | China Doesn't Care What We Think of the Olympics

Despite China’s plummeting international rapport, its leaders have already declared the Olympics a victory. ++ Fearing domestic turmoil, Chinese political leaders have turned the event into a consumerable good, with which …More

June 30, 2008 | Bush's China Policy Will Outlast His Presidency

Sino-American ties are likely to be the most important component of international relations for the next several decades. ++ The question is whether China’s re-emergence can be managed without a conflict. ++ Powerful …More

June 26, 2008 | Crouching Tiger, Coward Dragon: The Rise of India and China

Ethan Christian Arrow: The rapid growth of India and China is reshaping the present international order. Representatives of these nations elucidate their intention to replicate the West’s wealth without replacing its established international order. Following such a path, without first securing democratic freedoms and institutions, will however, prove problematic. …More

June 14, 2008 | Pollution as a Human Rights Issue

XXX: This article has been removed from the website in accordance with the author’s request. …More

June 13, 2008 | Chindia: A Rare Success of the Bush Era

As Bush’s term ends, the president can look back on a solid Asia legacy. ++ He successfully used India to balance China. ++ India is the world’s largest democracy, 80,000 Indian students study in the US, and trade between India and the …More

June 9, 2008 | Olympics Should Serve as an Environmental Wake-up Call

Maximilian Müngersdorff: Beijing’s commitments to improve its environmental situation encouraged the IOC to accept its Olympic bid. The challenge is now to prevent economic growth outweighing the improvements that have been made and integrating these into a long-term and countrywide strategy. …More

June 9, 2008 | Establish China as a Responsible Global Stakeholder

A power shift from West to East is taking place in the international system. ++ The question is whether states like Russia, China, and India will act unilaterally, bilaterally, or multilaterally. ++ US power decline and …More

June 6, 2008 | Chinese SWF Promises Transparency

Europeans and the United States fear that CIC - owned by the Chinese government -, turns into a political tool enabling investment decisions to be based on political motives. ++ The head of the Chinese sovereign wealth fund says they are trying …More

May 30, 2008 | China's Democratic Aftershocks

Last month’s devastating earthquake in Sichuan has taught the Chinese a very important lesson, namely the importance of civil society. ++ The outpouring of foreign and local aid accompanied by a plethora of new philanthropic websites and aid …More

May 28, 2008 | Oil and Defense Water Down Sino-Russian Relations

In a series of recent talks, poignantly described as “bad dates,” Russian President Medvedev and Chinese President Hu Jintao were divided on issues concerning missile defense and energy resources. ++ Ready to elide …More

May 26, 2008 | Reassessing "Chindia"

The Western coupling of China and India as rising powers overlooks drastic differences between the two countries. ++ China began liberalization first, and its growth has put it “in a totally different economic league from India.” ++ Yet despite …More

May 23, 2008 | Russia and China: A Rising Strategic Partnership

President Medvedev’s visit to China  has important symbolic significance. ++ Driven by their shared goals of safeguarding and promoting national interests in an era of US dominance, Beijing and Moscow have grown …More

May 22, 2008 | The birth of Chinese Democracy

The earthquake in Sichuan may be remembered as a milestone in the Chinese “peaceful evolution” toward capitalism and democracy. ++ Private Chinese donations have already raised more than $500 million. ++ That kind of bottom-up public …More

May 21, 2008 | China's Energy Consumption Must be Bridled

China’s recent need for energy resources has accelerated at an alarming rate. ++ US envoy to the Paris-based International Energy Association (IEA), Daniel S. Sullivan, maintains that China and India must join international …More

May 21, 2008 | Is China the New Japan?

Gaelle Christine Fisher: As it becomes - supposedly - obvious that China might one day “rule the world,” it’s urgent we take a look at the facts behind the fears, and reassess our expectations. …More

May 19, 2008 | China: It Is Not All About Human Rights

Natalia Ruban : Those who support a boycott of the Beijing Olympics overlook that limiting relations with China to the question of Tibet will not improve the human rights situation. The worsening of Western-Chinese relations endangers economic growth, and progress on global issues such as nuclear non-proliferation, Darfur and climate change. …More

May 16, 2008 | Superpower Status Means More Amenability for China

When the world cares about what happens within a nation’s borders, it can be assumed that “superpower status” has been reached. ++ For China, this has been made poignantly evident by recent scrutiny from the …More

May 9, 2008 | Japan: Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Japan increasingly faces a dilemma in its relationship with China. ++ On the one hand intensifying already close economic relations with China is vital for the continued recovery of Japan’s own economy. ++ On the other hand China’s …More

May 9, 2008 | Contradictory China

Modern China is full of inner contradictions. ++ The ubiquity of internet access coexists with the impossibility to open critical websites, and the obvious ecological pollution exists side by side with the extreme cleanliness of the streets. ++ The numerous …More

May 7, 2008 | Challenges and Promises of China's Urbanization

China’s growth is especially generated in the cities. Their contribution to the GDP is around 75 percent. In 2025, there should be a billion Chinese living in urban areas, 350 million more than today. They could then be …More

May 6, 2008 | China's Dualistic Set of National Identities

Two types of nationalism are prevalent in China at the moment. ++ On the one hand, a virulent nationalism that is based on continued historical grievances and is used to legitimize the rule of the Communist Party. ++ On the other …More

May 2, 2008 | Swallowing Our Pride

Klaus-Dieter Frankenberger: Values and interests should not be opposed. The fact that the West and China follow different regulatory political concepts should not prevent cooperation. We should be humble enough to deal with undemocratic states without fearing to be untrue to our convictions. …More

May 2, 2008 | "India's Dalai Dilemma"

In the face of turmoil in Tibet, India has found itself in a delicate position. ++ As a democracy, India has a tradition of permitting peaceful protest, yet it is also intent on improving Indo-Sino relations and continuing to expand trade with …More

April 30, 2008 | On Righting Trade: Human Rights, Trade, and the 2008 Elections

Susan Aaronson: This article takes a closer look at the Bush administration’s policy concerning trade and human rights; a policy area that has, in recent years, been inconsistent. As the Olympics approach, how the US responds to China’s human rights violations with respect to trade negotiations could set a very important precedent. …More

April 28, 2008 | Independent Tibet Would Mean More Suffering

Independence is first about daily economic realities, and not about religious practice or ideology. ++ Tibet has made no visible steps to build on its autonomy; without China Tibet is not even able to feed its population. ++ All those Hollywood personalities will not create new jobs or build better infrastructure, as China did. ++ The world has a large enough inventory of failed ideas like Iraq.

April 24, 2008 | Will the Chinese Change International Institutions?

The appointment of a Chinese Professor, Lin Yifu, to the post of chief economist at the World Bank reflects the changes in the global balance of powers. ++ In the past, the World Bank, like the IMF, was traditionally …More

April 22, 2008 | The Games Are About Politics Not Athletics

There is no other reason for a nation, whether democratic or totalitarian, to want to host the costly modern Olympics, than the chance to stage a propagandist publicity stunt. ++ The Beijing Games’ ideological content is …More

April 21, 2008 | The Positive Side of Chinese Nationalism

The attitudes of the Chinese government and Chinese citizens are not identical. ++ The Olympics have inspired Chinese nationalism which will lead to increased civil engagement and awareness of the responsibilities and rights of citizenship. ++ National identity is no longer determined by the government. ++ The civic dimension of Chinese nationalism may check the
authoritarian state in the future.

April 18, 2008 | Chinese Outcry Against the Western Media

The disruption of Olympic torch and pro-Tibet demonstrations caused a wave of strong anti-Western sentiment among Chinese bloggers. ++ Chinese believe that Tibet cannot be the real reason for Western criticism of China and call for …More

April 16, 2008 | Profits Divide European Leaders' Stance on China

To their disadvantage, Europe’s leaders are divided regarding China. ++ A visit from the Dali Lama to a European Parliament session has disgruntled one of Germany’s and most of Europe’s largest trading partners. ++ The …More

April 16, 2008 | A Boycott of the Olympics Would Make Matters Worse

The situation in Tibet is often depicted as a dictatorship repressing its people, but in reality, the majority of Chinese do not support the Tibetan cause. ++ The regime is not in opposition to its people. ++ Rather than a boycott of the Olympics, which is unwarranted and would have negative effects, private pressure should be used to urge the Chinese government to engage the Dalai Lama.

April 14, 2008 | Purchasing in China is Becoming More Expensive

Thanks to its massive
workforce and low labor costs, China
has become the twenty first century’s leading global production plant. Even for
German companies, China
has long been a fundamental market for supplies. Yet an inquiry …More

April 14, 2008 | Modern China Conquers Long-awaited Empire

Tibet and Xinjiang are crucial for China. ++ They offer additional land, strategic geographic getaways, and essential resources. ++ If Chinese control brings wealth, development, and modernity, the promotion of Chineseness abolishes …More

April 11, 2008 | India Competes with China in the Scramble for Africa

Since Africa is both a source of natural resources and an outlet for manufactures, it is an area where India and China’s needs overlap. ++ China’s
two-way trade with Africa is higher, yet it has been charged with neo …More

April 10, 2008 | China's Sovereign Wealth Fund Promises Transparency This Article contains Flash-Video

CBS: In an exclusive interview with Lesley Stahl for “60 Minutes,” the head of China’s new sovereign wealth fund, Gao Xiqing, pledges more transparency to allay fears that China will try to use its vast investment ability to exert economic or political control in the United States. …More

April 10, 2008 | Europe Votes Democrat, but Asia Tends Republican

The three largest Asian Powers China, India and Japan have good reason to hope for a Republican US President. ++ China and India see the world more in terms of classic balance-of-power equations. ++ Balancing a rising …More

April 8, 2008 | State-owned Enterprises and the Global Economy

An increasing number
of governments are becoming global economic players - and this in the form of
state-controlled companies or gigantic sovereign wealth funds. The global
economy used to be dominated by the democratic West but …More

April 8, 2008 | The World Judges Repressive Chinese Dictatorship

China’s authoritarian-capitalist model fails to federalize society and accommodate minorities. ++ The authorities’ intolerance of separatism may lead the one-party state to collapse under the weight of its own contradictions. ++ …More

April 2, 2008 | Protesters Attracted to the Olympic Flame Like Moths

Rather than bringing to mind the celebratory Tokyo (1964) or Seoul (1988)
Olympics, the Beijing Olympics are increasingly reminiscent of the Berlin Olympics of 1936 ++ The rise of China is reshaping the world system. ++ …More

March 27, 2008 | China's Olympic Trap

Florian Kuhne: China is caught in the question how to behave in preparation of the Olympic Games in summer. …More

March 26, 2008 | Global Economy Outweighs Concern Over Tibet

The world economy depends upon China. ++ The US in particular can’t afford to criticize China - it depends too heavily upon Chinese foreign exchange reserves, above all in this time of financial
crisis. ++ The West will not act on …More

March 25, 2008 | End the Violence in Tibet!

Ulrike Guérot: I just signed an urgent petition calling on the Chinese government to respect human rights in Tibet and dialogue with the Dalai Lama. This is really important, and I thought you might want to take action. …More

March 19, 2008 | An Olympic Challenge: Talking to the Dalai Lama

China should think twice before it uses excessive force on protesters in Tibet and generates an international outcry. ++ With the Beijing Olympics on the horizon, deaths in Lhasa could motivate many democracies to condemn China and withdraw from the competition. ++ China could best resolve the current crisis by inviting the Dalai Lama to talks, an action which would receive international applause.

March 17, 2008 | Tibet: Little Has Changed Since 1989

Uprising in Tibet is embarrassment for Beijing, especially in light of upcoming Olympics. ++ Instead of showing progress, the world sees how little has changed. ++ Instead of stepping up propaganda war, China should allow freedom of …More

March 12, 2008 | The Disastrous Results of Selective Modernization

The development of modern western democracies in the last century linked economic growth with political and cultural modernization. ++ Russia and China seem to demonstrate there is a viable authoritarian alternative to democracy …More

March 5, 2008 | Sino-US Relations: Fundamental Misunderstandings

The US has failed to understand that China’s objectives do not complement America’s. ++ China does not want the US to play a role in Central and East Asia, and its actions routinely illustrate this. ++ By adopting a tolerant …More

February 27, 2008 | The World's Most Important Trilateral Relationship

Economic integration is currently shaping US-Chinese-Japanese relations. According to Abramowitz, only domestic politics or virulent nationalism “could disrupt what promises to be a positive new decade for great-power …More

February 22, 2008 | The MEFTA and Economic Development

Sascha Wagner: The Middle East Free Trade Area (MEFTA) as a Juggernaut for Economic Development – is the US-Morocco FTA a Good Example for Overcoming Trade Barriers? …More

February 18, 2008 | Cat and Mouse: Iranians Scheme to Elude Sanctions

Sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council against Iran since December 2006 had ambivalent consequences. ++ They negatively affected the Iranian economy and indirectly influenced inflation in Iran, as the government was …More

February 5, 2008 | The Construction of Truth in (Just) War

Dominik Bertram: attempts to make comparisons between the Vietnam War and the second war in the gulf. While there are some similarities between both events, like asymmetric warfare, the justifications of the wars, there are also fundamental differences between both wars.

January 16, 2008 | Integrating a Rising China into a Declining Western Order

With China’s economy predicted to double over the next decade — and surpass the United States’ economic leadership by 2020 — there is no question that China is on the rise. The question is not if …More

January 8, 2008 | Dealing With the Dragon

Paul Krugman, Professor of Economics at Princeton, argues in the NY Times that the biggest foreign policy issues for the next president will not be related to 9/11 or the war in Iraq. Rather, they will involve the consequences of China’s rapid …More

December 21, 2007 | Still No Progress in Sino-American Trade Talks

The Economist reports that the Sino-American trade talks have achieved very little, despite US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson’s impressive links with China.
Thus, the economic meetings, dubbed “Strategic Dialogue,” although …More

December 14, 2007 | China Pushes the United States Back in the Pacific

The spheres of influence of the United States and China could be starting to shift, proposes Richard Komaiko writing for the Power and Interest News Report.

US Navy ships USS Patriot and USS Guardian were denied permission …More

October 15, 2007 | China Makes Contingency Plans for Junta's Fall in Myanmar

China is tactfully making preparations for the potential downfall of Myanmar’s military junta, writes David Lague for the International Herald Tribune. To avoid damaging its reputation prior to the 2008 Olympics, …More

August 27, 2007 | Olympic Games Force China To Listen

Erich Follath: I claim in this exclusive contribution that now is the best time for the rest of the world to press China on human rights issues. As a biographer of the Dalai Lama, I know how important this chance is for Tibet—and for the international community. …More

August 17, 2007 | Why Dump Dollars When You Can Own the US?

Louis G. Schirano: The US Congress reacted to the wrong Chinese threat: Sovereign Wealth Funds pose a far greater danger than devalued currencies. The West must pay attention to the leverage that China, Russia and others are building up. …More

August 14, 2007 | China Threatens to Sell Dollars if US Pressure Does Not Abate

If the US continues pressing China to float its currency, Beijing will start selling its dollar reserves, warns Ambrose Evans Pritchard of the Telegraph . Although Chinese officials …More

August 9, 2007 | Chinese Migration Goes Global

With his study for the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, Peter Kwong draws attention to the growing problem of illegal Chinese migrants and the exploitative conditions in which most of these workers must live. …More

July 9, 2007 | US-Asia Economic Policy: Saving the Dollar from the Renminbi

The US global merchandise trade and current account deficit in 2006 was the largest ever recorded by one country, amounting to $857 billion in 2006. On the opposite side of the spectrum, China’s current …More

July 4, 2007 | Are They For Real? - Chinese Troop Deployment to Darfur

Edward Cody of the Washington Post comments on Chinese plans to deploy military engineering troops in Darfur. As part of the UN peacekeeping mission, this is mainly seen as a measure of goodwill towards the EU and USA, …More

July 2, 2007 | Sushant K. Singh on Asian Competition For Energy Reserves in West Africa

As western companies pull out of the African energy sector due to domestic pressure, India and China are stepping in to take their place, reports Sushant K. Singh of Chatham House. Currently Beijing, …More

June 22, 2007 | McKinsey: Multinational Acquisition Highlights China's Strength in a Global Economy

Representatives of the McKinsey consulting group in China sit down with Hong-Kong based Lenovo’s CFO Mary Ma for a conversation about the company’s 2005 acquisition of …More

June 19, 2007 | US Pentagon: Europe Should Stand Firm on China Weapons Embargo

What keeps the leaders and officials of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) awake at night? According to the Pentagon’s annual report to Congress on China, it’s not military expansion for its own sake, but how to …More

April 26, 2007 | The Rise of China: A Brief Review of the Implications on the Transatlantic Partnership

China’s ascent as a global economic power has met with mounting alarm on both sides of the Atlantic. Many argue that China’s voracious demand for natural resources to support …More

April 26, 2007 | Europe and America Too Divided Over China Policy

Sonja Bonin: The United States and Europe should unify their policies on China. Both currently have separate strategies on how to deal with China’s growing economic and military might. This division shows other rising powers that the West lacks a plan to keep its place in a new world order. …More

April 25, 2007 | Carnegie Debate Series Opens Discussion on Human Rights in China

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace hosts China experts Sharon Hom, of Human Rights in China, and Jacques deLisle, of the University of Pennsylvania Law School, for a discussion on the balance between …More

April 17, 2007 | Erica Downs on Chinese Energy

The rapid rise of China as an economic and industrial power has put new demands on Beijing’s energy policy, reports Erica Downs of Brookings. Once self-sufficient in oil, China is now the world’s third-highest oil importer, and energy security is a …More

April 12, 2007 | Mei Ying Gechlik on China's Intellectual Property Rights Balancing Act

Protection of intellectual property rights has become increasingly important since China’s admission to the WTO, reports Mei Ying Gechlik of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Foreign …More


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