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November 30, 2012 |  Print  Your Opinion  

Editorial Team

Praise for Atlantic Community

Editorial Team: Atlantic Community has impressed people throughout the foreign policy community. As members, you are an integral part of its success, so we want to share some of the compliments and testimonials we receive from decision makers, think tankers, and academics.

Politicians and government officials are taking notice of Atlantic Community; over the past few years, our open think tank and its member articles have received numerous appreciative reviews. Here are a few that have been captured on video and, below, a selection of testimonials.

US Ambassador to Germany Philip Murphy

Ambassador Murphy in German

NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General Dr. Stefanie Babst

CDU/CSU Foreign Policy Spokesperson Philipp Mißfelder

Personal Representative of the German Chancellor to Africa (former Human Rights Commissioner) Günter Nooke



"Organizations such as yours, which seek to provide a platform to discuss and analyze the challenges facing the transatlantic community, make an important contribution to the international security dialogue. I wish you the best in your endeavors."
- Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defense of Canada

"Wishing you all success in your important endeavors."
- Ambassador Thorsteinn Ingolfsson, Icelandic Delegation to NATO

"I've enjoyed, and been amused by, the lively responses to [my piece published on]. Here in Washington, I've received a tremendous response from other analysts and folks in government."
- Wess Mitchell, President and Co-Founder of the Center for European Policy Analysis

"Your website is one of the recommended websites for my students of my class on the US and Europe in global affairs."
- Dr. Karl Kaiser, Director, Program on Transatlantic Relations, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University

"Thank you for taking the time to send me [Atlantic Memo 38], and your interest in my feedback. I wish you and your organization the very best. May you continue to produce insightful work that is to the benefit of NATO and its Member Countries."
- Percy Downe, Senator, Prince Edward Island, Canada

"I am impressed by the wealth of information on your website."
- Wolfgang Tönnesmann, Director, Atlantische Akademie

"You are a great intellectual bridge between our continents. I feel lasting solutions to many of the world's challenges must have buy-in from Europe, as well as the US. I think Atlantic Community is a model online magazine and I recommend it to others often."
- James R. Cricks, Instructor, DJIMO, US Army Command and General Staff College

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