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December 7, 2012 |  Print  Your Opinion  

Editorial Team

Most Commented Articles in 2012

Editorial Team: The most intense debates among members were about NATO, Iran, Syria, Hungary and translantic relations in general. Twenty articles received more than ten comments this year.

More than 20 comments:

Sascha Lohmann: Fear No More and Engage Iran (41 comments)

Tabish Shah: NATO and Syria: A Case for Intervention (27)

Dmitry Stefanovich: NATO and Russia Need the "Smarts" to Cooperate (26)

Andrew Barr: By the Numbers: How Quantifying State Action Can Lead to a Better NATO (24)

Vivien Pertusot: Partnerships Should Be Incentivized: (22)

Stephanie Theresa Baulig: NATO Academies: Learning Together, Training Together, Feeling Together (21)

Daryl Morini: NATO's Public Diplomacy Overload (21)

More than 10 comments:

Max Smeets: Specialization: Creating a Comparative (Defense) Advantage (20)

Geoffrey Phillip Levin: Endowing the Arab Spring Generation with the Skills to Govern (20)

Samuel Eamon Erickson: NATO's Smart Sales: Smart Defense as a Product (19)

Alexander Corbeil: NATO and the Arab Spring: Democracy Promotion and Security Sector Reform (18)

Jack Bicker: Hungary: A Test Case for EU Relevance (18)

Niklas Anzinger & Ludwig Jung: Gaining the Upper Hand Over the Iran-Hezbollah Axis (15)

Josiah Jason Surface: Mare Nostrum: Building a Stronger Mediterranean Dialogue (15)

Ahmad Rashid Jamal: Anti-Corruption in Afghanistan and Pakistan: What Works and What Doesn't (14)

Oleg Khlopov: Crisis in Syria: Rethinking Russia's Policy (13)

Anna Morticelli: The EU Has the Wrong Approach and Wrong Attitude (13)

Keri Elise Majikes: Renewable Energy as an Incentive for Peace (13)

Stanley R. Sloan: America's Euro Fatigue (11)

Bram Peter De Ridder: Smart Defense through Smart Strategy: The Need for a "Best Deal" Policy (11)

Thank you very much for all your contributions!

We look forward to many intense and constructive debates in the future.

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