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Arctic Strategies

Alyson Bailes & Lassi Heininen, University of Iceland | December 2012
Abstract: "The future of the Arctic, as its ice melts by land and sea, has become a hot topic in governmental as well as academic and media circles.  Over the last decade, each of the eight countries that founded the Arctic Council - Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, ...More

Time to Grow up: What Obama's Re-election Means for Europe

European Council on Foreign Relations | November 2012
Abstract from the ECFR report by Dimitar Bechev, Anthony Dworkin, François Godement, Richard Gowan, Hans Kundnani, Mark Leonard, Daniel Levy, Kadri Liik and Nick Witney: "Most Europeans are relieved at the re-election of ...More

NATO and the Challenges of Austerity

Larrabee, Johnson, Gordon, Wilson et al., RAND | November 2012
Abstract provided by RAND: "In the coming decade, NATO faces growing fiscal austerity and declining defense budgets. This study analyzes the impact of planned defense budget cuts on the capabilities of seven European members of NATO - the United Kingdom, ...More

A European Union for Renewable Energy

S. Müller-Kraenner & S. Langsdorf, Böll Foundation | October 2012
The report "A European Union For Renewable Energy - Policy Options for Better Grids and Support Schemes" is written by Sascha Müller-Kraenner and Susanne Langsdorf and commissioned and published by the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung: "The European Union ...More

Pragmatism or What? The Future of US Foreign Policy

David Milne, International Affairs | September 2012
Obama's foreign policy and the one that Romney promises are not too far off from one another. Both men are results-oriented pragmatists, emphasizing achieving results over pursuing agendas. Yet, according to David Milne, where they differ most ...More

Is al-Qaeda Central Still Relevant? This Article contains Flash-Video

Hoffman, Habeck, Zelin & Levitt, Washington Institute | September 2012
As we reach the eleventh year since the September 11 attacks, the debate over the relevancy of al-Qaeda’s core leadership known as Central al-Qaeda still lingers between officials, analysts, and academics. Following the uprisings that hit the Arab world ...More

Think Tank 20: New Challenges for the Global Economy, New Uncertainties for the G-20

Think Tank 20, Brookings Institution | September 2012
The Brookings Institution, along with its think tank partners, has published the fourth edition of Think Thank 20 entitled "New Challenges for the Global Economy, New Certainties for the G20," which was ...More

The Folly of Forgetting the West

Simon Serfaty, Hoover Institution | August 2012
In the 20th century, even in the face of wars and the collapse of the entire European state, the West dominated. Today, with over 200 countries in existence and each with a voice, usually in some sort of organization, it is easy to say the West's power is ...More

Strengthening Europe's Ability to Act

Andreas Schockenhoff and Roderich Kiesewetter, Members of the German Bundestag | July 2012
The Euro crisis has been all consuming; German politicians have put all other policy priorities to the side. However, two members of the German parliament have stepped forward into this policy vacuum, and therefore their ideas are highlighted here in the ...More

The Coming Resolution of the Euro Crisis

Bergsten & Kirkegaard, Peterson Institute for International Economics | July 2012
Since 2010 many pundits and financial analysts have constantly proclaimed that EU leaders only have three months to save the Euro. The general mood and the outlook gets more and more pessimistic. Thus, the policy brief by Fred Bergsten and Jacob ...More


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