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Academic work from Atlantic Community members broadens the scope of the policy marketplace. Research and policy analysis are not just the work of experts; such work is done daily by students around the world, but needs to find its way to a larger audience. With this feature we hope to empower an up and coming generation of students, think tankers and other young professionals and involve them in the policy forming process. You can upload your thesis, paper or article here.

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TopicDecember 10, 2012 | Term Paper: Rising Dragon

Georgi Ivanov: The ongoing financial crisis is a forewarning of America’s declining role as the custodian of global finance and China’s increasingly important role in the world economy. The hypothesis posited and analyzed here is that a multilateral global economy, led by China, is the best alternative for a stable global financial system in the 21st century. ...More

TopicDecember 3, 2012 | MA Thesis: Failures of Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Afghanistan

Ahmad Rashid Jamal: This research analyzes the role of Police and Security Sector Reform in Afghanistan from 2001 to 2012. It intends to answer two questions: How do international and local actors contribute to the success or failure of the Security Sector and Police Reform? How do actors, leadership, and policies within a synchronized mission fail to build professional police? ...More

December 3, 2012 | Term Paper: Child-sex Tourism in Cartagena

Andrea Valencia: The purpose of this research project is to describe the factors that have led the children in Cartagena, Colombia to get involved in the booming industry of sex-tourism, including the methodology to be used as well as the literature review. ...More

TopicNovember 27, 2012 | MA Thesis: Networked Politics at the High Peace Council of Afghanistan

Reza Kateb: This MSc dissertation at the Public Policy School for Policy Studies at the University of Bristol examined the effects of networked politics at the High Peace Council (HPC) of Afghanistan by evaluating the related policies and experiences of political elites who were involved in the political and policy process of this institution. ...More

November 16, 2012 | Term Paper: How Federal is Putin's Russian Federation?

Tabish Shah: Academics, analysts, and the international community have all recognised Putin’s increasing re-centralisation of the federal system in Russia, and have duly voiced concern over whether the extent of this re-centralisation is bordering on the undemocratic. ...More

November 2, 2012 | Think Tank Analysis: India and the New Sovereignty in International Relations

Mischa Hansel and Olga-Maria Hallemann: With all the talk about China's rise, people sometimes forget about India, the second most populous country on the globe. This commentary takes a look at India's strategic thinking in light of shifting world dynamics and how India must now make decisions amidst these changes. ...More

November 1, 2012 | MA Thesis: Democracy and Islam: Compatible Norm Systems?

Salahodin Aryapur: Ever since the beginning of the global "war on terror", the issue of democratic governance and reforms in the Muslim world has been high on the list of issues. This master's thesis takes a look at whether the theories of state found within Islam are compatible with democratic values. ...More

October 22, 2012 | Term Paper: Turkey and the Arab Spring, the End of Zero-Problems?

David Murdo Ian Macdonald: The Arab Spring has created a number of significant regional challenges for Turkey, whom was caught off guard by the magnitude and speed of events. Several neighboring regimes quickly became destabilized, threatening the delicate balance of regional relations that Turkey had built up. ...More

September 21, 2012 | Think Tank Analysis: Political Economy of Climate Change in Pakistan

Zulfiqar Shah: Pakistan's Sindh region has witnessed the devastating impacts of climate change. The region now faces security problems due to increasing rural poverty, ethnic and demographic tensions, and internally displaced persons. Regional and federal policy needs to step in to prevent further conflict, food insecurity, and state failure. ...More

September 13, 2012 | Journal Article: Iran and the Bomb: US and Israeli Responses

Aaron Thomas Walter: This paper considers the relationship between the United States, Israel and Iran. The primary finding of this study suggests that the actions of all three countries are anchored in the realist realm and will continue to be bound to the concepts of power and security. ...More


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