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China and Africa: Improving Cooperation

Centre for Conflict Resolution | November 2009
China's impressive economic growth in recent years would not have been possible without the exploitation of raw materials in Africa. Up to now Beijing's interests in Africa have been largely economic in nature. This, however, is bound to change as China's ...More

Financial Crisis Hits Developing Countries Harder than Expected

Dirk Willem te Velde | Overseas Development Institute | November 2009
The financial crisis has hit poor, developing countries to a greater extent than anticipated. An additional 50 million people have slid into poverty there. Developing countries are set to lose 750 billion dollars in income by the end ...More

For & Against: Transparency and the Political Process

Anton Howes versus Lawrence Lessig
For: Transparency Strengthens Citizens' RightsAnton Howes | Adam Smith Institute | November 2009 The information revolution is about to usher in the "post-democratic" state in Great Britain. The conservative shadow government under ...More

American Jews to Assist Middle East Peace Process

Rabbi Arthur Waskow | Foreign Policy in Focus | November 2009
Within the United States, the Gaza War has led not only to renewed calls for peace by the U.S. government, but also to the emergence of numerous pro-active, public peace movements. The American Jewish community is no longer monolithic in its ...More

Virtual Attacks as an Integral Part of Warfare

Martin C. Libicki | RAND Corporation | November 2009
Cyberspace is set to become one of the most important battlefields of the future. Virtual attacks will rob combatants of their sense of orientation and their means of communication. Assaults in cyberspace will confuse the enemy and add to their ...More

Huntington's 'Clash of Civilizations' Empirically Challenged

Bertelsmann Foundation | September 2009
A study by the Bertelsmann Foundation in cooperation with the Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research has proven that the number of cultural conflicts has risen dramatically over the past 25 years. One of the most ...More

NASA is No Longer Getting to Outer Space

Alan W. Dowd | Policy Review | September 2009
According to American experts, the United States will have a hard time engaging in future conflicts in space. The 2003 Columbia disaster and increasing security concerns are set to force NASA to retire its Space Shuttle fleet in 2010, instead of prolonging ...More

Proximity to Europe Hurting Baltic States in Crisis

Ben Slay and Michaela Pospisilova | CSER | September 2009
According to established financial and economic theories, the three "Baltic tigers" were the ones who got everything right, prior to the international financial crisis. Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania kept their state sectors small, promoted ...More

Russia Needs to Defuse the Situation in the Caucasus

Aleksey Malashenko | Carnegie Center Moscow | September 2009
Reactions by Moscow and Tbilisi to the EU report on the Russian-Georgian War demonstrate how tense the situation in the Caucasus remains. The report blamed the war on the Georgians, who opened hostilities against the South Ossetians. However, ...More

NATO's Future: At the Heart of a Global Security System

Zbigniew Brzezinski | Foreign Affairs | September 2009
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) today represents the strongest military and political alliance in the world. Its member states on both sides of the Atlantic are situated in the planet's best developed areas, in terms of ...More


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