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A Pillar of Freedom: As US Retreats, Germany Needs to Play Larger Role in Preserving the Liberal World Order

Ulrich Speck, German Council on Foreign Relations | June 2012
Germany has had enormous luck over the last few decades; the conditions for its success were essentially guaranteed by others. But Berlin can no longer rely on the United States to ...More

The Transatlantic Economy 2012

Daniel Hamilton & Joseph P. Quinlan, Center for Transatlantic Relations | June 2012
Europe and the US remain each other’s most important markets despite the recession. The transatlantic economy generates close to $5 trillion in total commercial sales a year and employs up to 15 million workers in mutually “onshored” jobs on both ...More

China and Iran: Economic, Political, and Military Relations

Scott Harold & Alireza Nader, RAND Corporation | May 2012
Over the past few decades, China and Iran have developed a broad and deep partnership centered on China's energy needs and Iran's abundant resources as well as significant non-energy economic ties, arms sales and defense ...More

A Still-Strong Alliance

Charles A. Kupchan, Hoover Institution | May 2012
This essay examines transatlantic relationships over the past two decades and the reasons behind why the Western alliance has been able to survive despite predictions of demise. Particular emphasis is given to what the skeptics got right and what they got wrong, including ...More

How to Make Smart Defense a Success

Tomas Valasek, GLOBSEC 2012 | April 2012
The financial crisis has hit the defense budgets of NATO members. With no prospects for an economic upturn in sight, NATO has been urging its members to save money through specialization and collaboration, under the 'smart defense' initiative. But smart defense ...More

A Compass for the CSDP

Int'l Security Policy Working Group, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung | April 2012
The European Union's Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP) is intended to enable Europe to actively pursue peace in its neighborhood. From the beginning, it has been a key concern of the Social Democrats' policy on Europe. Emerging from EU impotence in the face of the ...More

Turkish Delight? The Feasibility of the "Turkish Model" for Egypt

Mohamed S. Younis, Turkish Policy Quarterly | March 2012
While comparisons and arguments for why the Turkish Model is relevant to burgeoning MENA countries now undergoing transition abound, the infeasibilities of "selling" this model have been less explored. This article makes the ...More

New Socio-Political Actors in North Africa: A Transatlantic Perspective

Silvia Colombo, Paola Caridi & Jane Kinninmont, GMFUS | March 2012
The chapters in this report analyze a number of features of each of the three socio-political actors in North Africa: the civil society, economic actors, and Islamist parties. It looks at their role in the current phase of ...More

Europe and the Arab Revolutions: A New Vision for Democracy and Human Rights

Susi Dennison & Anthony Dworkin, ECFR | March 2012
The Arab revolutions present the EU with a distinct challenge: still embarrassed by their support for the stability offered by the former authoritarian leaders, it now aims at supporting the fledgling democracies and ...More

Europe Without Defense

Christian Mölling, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik | February 2012
NATO's operation in Libya has revealed significant deficiencies in European defense. It is not only that Europe's defense capability is chronically underdeveloped and the USA's support is dwindling. The resources that would allow European states to deal with these deficits ...More


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