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Latin America's Economies: Innocent Bystanders?

Eduardo Levy-Yeyati & Luciano Cohan, Brookings | January 2012
Latin America recovered strongly from the financial crisis of 2008-9, but now the region is feeling the pains of financial stress and dwindling global demand. Nevertheless, the major economies (the LAC-7: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, ...More

NATO's Chicago Summit: A Thorny Agenda

Karl-Heinz Kamp, NATO Defense College | January 2012
NATO is currently preparing for its summit meeting in Chicago in May 2012. This event was originally planned as a sort of "routine meeting“ which should primarily assess the progress made in implementing all the tasks NATO's Heads of States and ...More

Lots of Talk, Little Action? Chances and Impediments for a New EU-US Trade Agenda

Stormy-Annika Mildner & Claudia Schmucker, AICGS | January 2012
The annual meeting of the Transatlantic Economic Council (TEC) in November 2011 presented an opportunity for German and American policymakers  to make progress on their efforts at greater trade integration. ...More

European Foreign Policy and the Economic Crisis

Richard Youngs, FRIDE | December 2011
A fascinating look at how the Euro crisis will impact EU foreign policy from Richard Youngs, the director of FRIDE in Madrid. Youngs looks at how a "two-speed" Europe could still function with united external relations, and outlines four guiding ...More

10 Steps Towards a New Approach for the Balkans

Center for Strategic and International Studies | December 2011
As the past decade’s global war on terror and economic troubles push the Balkans further and further down the agenda, significant gains in peace and stability in the region are under threat. Whereas EU accession has long been a guiding goal ...More

US Will Not Lose Its Leadership Role in Southeast Asia

Cao Yunhua & Chen Jianrong, Inst. for Security & Development Policy | November 2011
The emergence of China as a global power has fundamentally changed the geo-political landscape of Southeast Asia. China, US and Japan are making significant efforts to cooperate and work in tandem with ASEAN to "maintain peace, stability and ...More

Migration and Development Policy: Six Lessons Learned

Kathleen Newland, Migration Policy Institute | November 2011
Over the past several decades, migration has been at the center of heated policy debates in both the United States and Europe. In this report by the Migration Policy Institute, Kathleen Newland evaluates what lessons can be drawn from past ...More

Is a World Resource War in Our Future?

Alex Evans, Center on International Cooperation | October 2011
“If we look at the history of peacekeeping operations mandated by the Security Council, we find that 10 operations costing a total of US$35 billion dollars have been deployed to countries where natural resources have played a key role in the ...More

Defence Spending in Europe: Can We Do Better Without Spending More?

Fabio Liberti, Inst. for Int'l and Strategic Relations (IRIS) | September 2011
"The situation of defence capacities in Europe is pretty dire," concludes Fabio Liberti in his report for the French think tank Notre Europe. "The budgetary crisis that is afflicting member states of the Union is likely to ...More

Transatlantic Trends 2011

German Marshall Fund | September 2011
In its tenth edition, the 2011 Transatlantic Trends survey conducted by the German Marshall Fund of the United States gives a telling overview on the trajectory of public opinion in Europe and the US across the past decade. While the results concerning some issues ...More


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