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Challenges for European Defense Budgets after the Economic Crisis

Patrick Keller, Konrad Adenauer Foundation | September 2011
In his paper for the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, Patrick Keller assesses European defense budgets in the aftermath of the economic crisis. Dr. Keller's analysis shows how the current economic climate ...More

Libya, From Positive Precedent to Collective Frustration

Juan Garrigues, CIDOB | August 2011
"The intervention in Libya will not be remembered as a positive precedent for the Responsibility to Protect (R2P)," concludes Juan Garrigues in his report for the Barcelona Center for International Affairs (CIDOB). His key points ...More

What Libya Says About the Future of the Transatlantic Alliance

Tomas Valasek, Center for European Reform | August 2011
"Libya is the first NATO war in which the US is taking a back seat, while the European allies take decisive military action. This should be cause for cautious optimism about NATO," argues Tomas Valasek, director of foreign policy at ...More

British Attitudes Towards the UK's International Priorities

Robin Niblett, Chatham House | July 2011
Chatham House's second survey in partnership with YouGov tests British thinking about the country's place in the world and assesses how this thinking may have changed during the coalition government's first year in office. Key ...More

The Syrian Regime's Slow-motion Suicide

International Crisis Group | July 2011
Even in its attempts to survive at all costs, the Syrian regime appears to be digging its own grave. Popular Protest in North Africa and the Middle East (VII):  The Syrian Regime's Slow-motion Suicide, the second of a two-part report from the ...More

US European Command and NATO's Strategic Concept: Post-Afghanistan and Beyond

Harlan Ullmann, Atlantic Council | June 2011
Atlantic Council Strategic Advisors Group member Harlan Ullman argues that after the NATO drawdown from Afghanistan, EUCOM will become even more important as a means of sustaining and building NATO's capabilities ...More

Baltic Sea: Developing a Regional Cooperation for Renewables in the Electricity Sector

Heinrich Boell Foundation | June 2011
Europe has the potential to generate all of its electricity from renewable energy sources if it combines its diverse natural potentials. The Heinrich Böll Foundation has strongly promoted such a ...More

Afghanistan 2011: Last Call for a Smart Economic Policy

Andrew Kuchins | The Washington Quarterly | Spring 2011
As the Obama Administration intends to begin the gradual withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan this year, time is running out on the international community in its efforts to pacify the rebellious country on the Hindu Kush. Military force ...More

International Aid Agencies in Central Asia: Try Things Differently!

International Crisis Group | April 2011
The heritage of the Soviet Union is coming apart in Central Asia – literally. Streets and schools are falling into disrepair, and the human capital dating back to the Soviet era is dying out. In ten years, there will be ...More

High Food Prices Endanger Food Security

Alexander Nicoll et al. | Internat. Inst. for Strategic Studies | April 2011
According to officials from the Food and Agriculture Organization, mankind is only two bad seasons away from a disaster on a global scale. This spring already, the previous year's bad harvests contributed to the social unrest in North Africa. Even ...More


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