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100 Percent Renewables: Positive Cash Flow Possible from 2035 on

World Wildlife Fund / Ecofys | April 2011
If every inhabitant of the planet used as much energy as the average American or Singaporean, the world's oil supplies would be exhausted within nine years. Even if we were less wasteful in our energy usage, the world would ...More

Social Media and Political Power in the Cyber World

Clay Shirky | Foreign Affairs | March 2011
A shudder ran through the ranks of the internet community, as Egyptian authorities succeeded in turning off 88% of the nation's internet traffic in less than 15 minutes. In order to wear down the country's protest movement, Egyptian ...More

Social Media and National Security: A Wake-Up Call

James Jay Carafano | Joint Force Quarterly | March 2011
It is not only the Egyptian military that regards the social forces unleashed by the internet as something sinister: All too often US military commanders also view social networks in cyberspace as a kind of threat. It would, however, be a great ...More

International Conflict Resolution: No Women, No Peace!

Valerie Norville | United States Institute of Peace | February 2011
Anyone who proposed excluding half of a country’s population from peace talks following an armed conflict would surely be considered foolish. Yet this approach is embraced with astounding regularity around the globe, as women ...More

Global Poverty: Has a Millenium Goal Been Reached?

Laurence Chandy et al. | Brookings | February 2011
Could a key millennium development goal (MDG) have already been reached, and nobody noticed? New numbers on global poverty show that the millennium goal of halving hunger between 1990 and 2015 might have been reached in 2008 already. But ...More

Pakistani-American Relations at a Crossroads

Fouad Ajami | Policy Review | January 2011
Should American forces truly begin their drawdown in Afghanistan in the summer of 2011, Washington's relations to the other states of South East Asia will undergo profound change as well. This appears particularly worrisome in the case of ...More

Impact Financing: A new Hope for Development?

John Simon et al. | Center for Global Development | January 2011
A new approach to financing is attracting attention in the realm of international development. This new type of investment not only seeks profit, but aims to improve the lives of the peoples affected by its business. For the time being, this ...More

Plan B for Obama: 14 Points as a Way out of the Crisis

Nouriel Roubini et al. | Foreign Policy | December 2010
Things do not look good for Obama in the wake of the congressional elections in early November. Yet all is not lost. If the White House was to adhere to the following plan, it could still save the day: • Economy: Allowing Bush-era tax ...More

The Unused Potential of Hydropower in Europe

Joseph Auer | Deutsche Bank Research | December 2010
Hydropower often gets overlooked in the debate surrounding renewable energy, as wind parks and solar or nuclear plants feature prominently in the news. However, this neglect is not justified as hydropower represents an attractive and increasingly ...More

The Future Pillars of Europe: EU, Russia, and Turkey

Ivan Krastnev et al. | ECFR | November 2010
Lord Ismay, NATO’S first General Secretary, once said that the goal of the alliance was “to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.” In today’s multipolar word, he would have had to rephrase ...More


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