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Rare Earth Dispute Hampers Renewables

John Seaman | IFRI | November 2010
China’s trade policy could force the renewables sector to its knees – an industry that has registered 230% growth in global investments since 2005 and generated $162 billion in investments last year alone. After all, this successful sector suffers ...More

Green Jobs: A Major Opportunity for the US Labor Market

Christine Wörlen | Heinrich Böll Stiftung | October 2010
In the area of renewable energy, the transatlantic flow of ideas is taking place in an unusual direction. Germany is a worldwide leader in this sphere and the United States could benefit greatly by learning from its experience. Faced ...More

Developing Countries Should Get Paid for Environmental Damage

Martin Khor | South Centre | October 2010
These days, the casual observer might be tempted to think that on the world stage, it is not the extent of environmental damage that determines what - if any -compensation is paid to victims, but the identity of the party sustaining ...More

Africa: Fighting Corruption with Mobile Phones

Jenny C. Aker et al. | Center for Global Development | July 2010
Once the plaything of the yuppie generation, mobile phones are conquering Africa: Today, nearly 60 percent of the population of Sub-Saharan Africa have access to the technology. The period 2002 through 2007 witnessed a yearly growth of 49 percent ...More

African Union Needs a Permanent Seat at the G-20

Tom Cargill | Chatham House | July 2010
Africa should no longer be regarded through the narrow lens of humanitarian aid. For the sake of economic interests, the developed world's public would do well to discard these images that have long outlived their usefulness. Africa is growing ...More

Changing Demographics in Europe and NATO

Phillip R. Cuccia | Strategic Studies Institute| May 2010
The implications of the demographic changes in Europe and their effect on NATO are a topic that deserves greater attention in the discussions surrounding NATO’s new strategic concept. This notwithstanding, the greatest challenge to NATO remains the ...More

Positive Military Side Effects: More Energy for Developing Countries

Roy H. Adams III et al. | Joint Force Quarterly | May 2010
A rather unexpected side effect of the military’s efforts to rely to a greater extent on green technologies is evident in the context of developing countries: It can lead to significant improvements in the energy ...More

The Real Challenge for NATO

James M. Goldgeier | Council on Foreign Relations | April 2010
While the guarantee of territorial integrity of a member state under Article V of the NATO treaty remains relevant today, it no longer suffices to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Article V was drafted with an eye to the threat constituted by the Soviet Union ...More

Dangers of a Nuclear Renaissance

Trevor Findlay et al. | Ctr for Internat. Governance Innovation | April 2010
The newly published U.S. nuclear posture review has renewed media attention to the nuclear arms proliferation issue. Less well-known are the other dangers posed by nuclear energy. Given the urgency of the search for low-emission sources of energy, nuclear energy ...More

Service Providers Hold Great Potential

McKinsey Report | April 2010
Politicians need to realize that each sector needs to be handled separately. Dynamic growth tends to be due to a vibrant service sector. That segment alone was responsible for net growth in the period 1995 to 2005 in high income countries. Policy makers need ...More


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