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Fighting Terrorism: Need New US Information Agency

Douglas J. Feith et al. | The Hudson Institute | April 2010
The West has yet to draw the appropriate lessons of the Cold War for the fight against international terrorism. That war after all was not won by military strikes, but rather by campaigning on the information front. "Smart power" and strategic ...More

New Rules of War for the Fight Against Terror Networks

John Arquilla | Foreign Policy | April 2010
The much-discussed troop surges are not needed to win the wars of today, instead, an entirely new way of waging war is required. but an entirely new way of waging war. The rules of war have fundamentally changed. Yet the U.S. military, like ...More

Charter Cities: Pilot Projects in the Fight Against Poverty

Paul Romer | Center for Global Development | April 2010
Neither resource scarcity nor lacking technological progress truly threatens to stall the fight against poverty worldwide in the 21st century. Rather the greatest hurdle to economic growth will stem from the inability of governments ...More

Higher Water Prices Worldwide Make Sense, but as yet may be Unrealistic

Deutsche Bank Research | April 2010
Increasing water scarcity coupled with an absence of economic incentives has led to an investment shortfall of 400 to 500 billion Euros per year in the global water economy. The water sector remains underfinanced, as ...More

EU in Urgent Need of "Green Diplomacy"

M. Kremer & S. Müller-Kraenner | Internationale Politik | April 2010
Following the failure of the Copenhagen talks, the European Union is in urgent need of "green diplomacy" in order not to be relegated to the sidelines in the shifting strategic relationships arising from the climate change challenge. Hence the EU should ...More

UN Study: Corporations Cause $2.2 Trillion in Environmental Damages

Juliette Jowit, The Guardian | April 2010
A yet unpublished study by the United Nations contains shocking news: In the year 2008 alone, 3,000 of the world's top firms caused environmental damage to the tune of US$2.2 trillion. More than half of these costs result ...More

The West Needs Turkey in Europe

F. Stephen Larrabee | Rand Corportation | March 2010
Discussions on Turkey's EU membership tend to neglect the fact that the country's strategic significance has skyrocketed since the end of the Cold War. From the standpoint of Western interests, Turkey plays a key role in conflict resolution from the Balkans to the ...More

A New Strategy for Climate Diplomacy

Nigel Purvis and Andrew Stevenson | German Marshall Fund | March 2010
Following the Copenhagen Accord, there is a danger that Europe and the United States will fall back upon old strategies in international climate politics and hope to see matters through with new patience. But the debacle at Copenhagen clearly showed that the ...More

The Risks of Geo-engineering the Planet

Konrad Ott | Internationale Politik | March 2010
The solar radiation management (SRM) represents the last great temptation of the industrialized world to continue its energy-intensive lifestyle and to forgo costly and inconvenient mitigation and adaptation. The costs to the rest of the world would be ...More

Geo-Engineering: Researching on a Global "Sun Block"

Global Sun Block | Calgary University | March 2010
Faced with the grim reality of global warming, one researcher or the other may have dreamed of coming up with a type of sun block for the planet. This dream may yet come to pass. Canadian scientists are confident that they will be able to ...More


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