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Rethinking Nanomaterial Governance

Ismael Rafols | University of Sussex | March 2010
Regulating nanomaterial is indeed difficult: For one, it is nearly impossible to intervene in early development phases - for example to ensure environmentally-friendly design - since the final application of the material may yet be unknown at this point. Any ...More

Corruption is Afghanistan's Greatest Problem

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime | March 2010
According to nearly 60% of Afghans, corruption is their country's greatest problem, and not the precarious security situation. Hours spent waiting in lines, weeklong delays in obtaining necessary licenses from local bureaucrats have led to every ...More

Immigration Policy as a Development Tool

Michael Clemens | Center for Global Development | March 2010
The sad truth of the matter is that global income distribution in the year 2010 looks not so very different from that under the Apartheid regime in South Africa. In spite of a myriad of development projects, there is still a great chasm between rich and ...More

How to Better Prepare for the Next Financial Crisis

Morris Goldstein | Institute for International Economics | March 2010
The financial crisis demonstrated that economic difficulties arise as a result of misguided financial as well as monetary policies. With the crisis a recent memory, the chances are good for tackling the root of the problem and reforming the old ...More

Ten Suggestions for Strengthening Transatlantic Ties

Daniel S. Hamilton et. al | Center for Transatlantic Relations | March 2010
The United States and Europe urgently need to reconsider their relationship. There is room for redefining and improving the nature of relations across the Atlantic. Both the United States and Europe should make use of existing opportunities to ...More

Problems with Intelligence Gathering in Afghanistan

Michael J Flynn et. al | Center for a New American Security | February 2010
According to a recent complaint by General McChrystal, senior decision-makers are being forced to turn to the mass media in search of the information they need on Afghanistan. The intelligence community is preoccupied with gathering a flood of ...More

EU Needs to Rethink CSDP Missions

Muriel Asseburg et al.| Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik | February 2010
The over 20 operations and missions conducted up to present within the framework of the European Union’s Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP) have had mixed results, both for civilian and military operations. While some missions like the one in ...More

Russian Foreign Policy: Smitten by China?

Andrei Tsygankov l IFRI l February 2010
Russia is increasingly smitten by China.Since the days of Primakov as Foreign Minister, China has largely replaced the West as the object of admiration in Russian foreign policy. This new orientation in Russian foreign policy is not only augmenting ...More

Four Scenarios for Iran's Future

Volker Perthes | openDemocracy l February 2010
It is nearly impossible to predict what the future will hold for Iranian politics. Nevertheless, thinking through various conceivable scenarios does provide decision-makers with important cues as to possible future developments. Two variables are important in ...More

Eastern Europe Needs the Euro

Anders Aslund l CASE l February 2010
The global financial crisis has had severe repercussions in the new Eastern European EU-member states, as well as in the three former Soviet Republics of Belorussia, Ukraine, and Moldavia. The following lessons can be drawn from the manner in which the crisis ...More


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