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A European Union for Renewable Energy

S. Müller-Kraenner & S. Langsdorf, Böll Foundation | October 2012

The report "A European Union For Renewable Energy - Policy Options for Better Grids and Support Schemes" is written by Sascha Müller-Kraenner and Susanne Langsdorf and commissioned and published by the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung:

"The European Union needs a common vision for its energy future. A shift towards renewable energy sources will increase security of supply, foster the competitiveness of the European economy and facilitate sustainability. In order to convince governments, businesses and European citizens to support this shift, it is necessary to demonstrate the practical feasibility of a European vision. The Heinrich Böll Foundation commissioned a working group of experts from politics, industry, applied science and civil society who have considered these challenges. As a result of a series of expert meetings, the report ‘A European Union for Renewable Energy' provides a collection of policy ideas for two key areas that will define the future of renewable energy development in Europe: grids, and support and remuneration schemes for renewables. The report shall serve as a stepping stone on the path to our sustainable, renewables-based future. At a moment of deep economic and institutional crisis in Europe, the vision of a ‘European Union for Renewable Energy' is a positive project to give the EU a new push for integration."

Sascha  Müller-Kraenner  is  a  founding  partner  of  Ecologic  Institute. He also serves as the executive director of The Nature Conservancy in Europe. Susanne Langsdorf is a researcher at Ecologic Institute.

To view the full report in English "A European Union For Renewable Energy - Policy options for better grids and support schemes." please click here. (PDF, 62 pages)

To view the full report in German "Eine Europäische Union Für Erneuerbare Energien - Politische Weichenstellingen für bessere Stromnetze und Fördersysteme" please click here. (PDF 65 pages)

For more information on the Launch of the report in Brussels, please click here.


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Wed, Nov 14th 2012, 05:19

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Very interesting, I am glad I found this article. The report seems very interesting.

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