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August 1, 2012 | France and Germany: All for One and One for All?

Harold Mock: Despite recent pronouncements about cooperation, much is left to be desired in the current relationship between France and Germany. Both countries have the potential to guide the EU towards a stronger fulfillment of its vision, but can Hollande and Merkel fully cooperate? Or is the situation already too bleak for their joint efforts? ...More

July 27, 2012 | Russian-China Relations: More than Meets the Eye

Adam Charles Lenton: Russia and China have cemented a strong bilateral relationship in recent years, presenting a united stance on the international stage. But there are tensions between them and strains on their relationship which should make for interesting developments, especially in Central Asia. ...More

July 26, 2012 | The Race for Eastern Europe: Russia vs. the EU

Shalva Dzidziguri: Russia’s relationship with the West has never been easy. With the end of Cold War-era animosity, Russia has continuously sought reassurance that its Soviet-inherited geopolitical interests are protected. Ironically, EU policy might be helping Russia realize its potential in the region. ...More

July 24, 2012 | Reexamining Obama's Berlin Speech This Article contains Flash-Video

Editorial Team: Four years ago today, the Democratic Party presidential candidate rocked Berlin. Over 200,000 people attended Barack Obama's speech at the Victory Column. We take a look back at that moment, and what people said at the time. Where do we find ourselves today? ...More

July 23, 2012 | Let's Crowdsource the World's Goals This Article contains Flash-Video

Jamie Drummond: In 2000, the UN laid out 8 goals to make the world better by reducing poverty and disease -- with a deadline of 2015. As that deadline approaches, Jamie Drummond of runs down the surprising successes of the 8 Millennium Development Goals, and suggests a crowdsourced reboot for the next 15 years. ...More

July 20, 2012 | Germany's Arms Exports as Smart Power

Matteo Scianna: Germany should use her armament export policy as a means of "smart power". Selling tanks to Saudi Arabia would help foster a strategic partnership. Pursuing a comprehensive approach with European and NATO partners in arms sales would assure continued influence in key regions. ...More

July 19, 2012 | NATO's Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Concept This Article contains Flash-Video

NATO: In Ørland, Norway, 17 nations took part in the two-week Unified Vision trial. The objective was to train NATO member countries to work together in the framework of NATO's Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (JISR) concept. The event was organised by the JISR Capability Group and NATO's defence against terrorism programme. ...More

July 18, 2012 | The Wrong Solution: Military Intervention Against the LRA

Rodolphe Casado: The African Union's military mission to take on Joseph Kony is wrongheaded. What could have been an opportunity to show its strength has instead called the AU's credibility into question. The mission does not address root causes, and the AU has allowed some actors to exploit the situation for their own gain. ...More

July 16, 2012 | Your Ideas, Your NATO: A Look Back This Article contains Flash-Video

Editorial Team: Our 2012 policy workshop competition featured many fantastic articles from our members, produced great Atlantic Memos and received enthusiastic feedback from decision makers! Editor-in-Chief Joerg Wolf takes a look back at the five months of "Your Ideas, Your NATO" in this new video. ...More

July 13, 2012 | Securities Trading with India

Brianna Marie MacGillivray: The United States and India need each other considering that both countries have significant stakes in the future of the Asia-Pacific region. However, the two nations have not allowed their relationship to reach its full potential. There is much to be gained from warmer relations. ...More


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