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Academic work from Atlantic Community members broadens the scope of the policy marketplace. Research and policy analysis are not just the work of experts; such work is done daily by students around the world, but needs to find its way to a larger audience. With this feature we hope to empower an up and coming generation of students, think tankers and other young professionals and involve them in the policy forming process. You can upload your thesis, paper or article here.

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June 14, 2012 | MA Thesis: NATO Transformation and Centers of Excellence

Sean Lobo: This thesis seeks to identify and map out different institutional logics of what is perceived as appropriate by key personnel affiliated with the Centers of Excellence concept, and to analyze the concept’s roles and rationale, especially with regard to the overall transformation of NATO. ...More

June 8, 2012 | Term Paper: Trafficking in Women in Ukraine: A Concern for Kiev?

Elizabeth Zolotukhina: The Euro 2012 starts today. Beyond football in the news, many reports have focused on the sex industry in Ukraine amid an influx of sports fans. Going beyond the headlines, this paper takes an in-depth look at human trafficking and the relevant laws in Ukraine. ...More

May 31, 2012 | MA Thesis: Foreign Aid and Economic Development in Afghanistan

Mohammad Lateef Totakhail: This MA thesis is about Foreign Aid and Economic Development in Afghanistan. The research is narrowed down by focusing on Germany, one of the main donors to Afghanistan. The analysis of German assistance to Afghanistan is made with reference to the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness. ...More

May 24, 2012 | Term Paper: The Changing Rules of Multilateral Development Assistance

Balazs Ujvari: The established foreign aid paradigm is being challenged by the power shift occurring across the global economy. Emerging economies are beginning to change the rules of the game. This paper examines the differences in approaches between China and DAC countries in providing aid to Africa. ...More

TopicMay 18, 2012 | Term Paper: Anti-Corruption in Afghanistan and Pakistan: What Works and What Doesn't

Ahmad Rashid Jamal: Corruption is a severe problem in many Asian countries, especially in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This paper assesses the effectiveness of anti-corruption strategies and accountability in these two countries and asks: Can Anti-corruption Agencies turn into effective organizations? ...More

May 11, 2012 | Term Paper: Return to the Empire

Gökhan Tekir: The paper analyzes how the Russian Federation uses energy as a foreign policy instrument. Russia's main aim is to prevent Western interference in its sphere of influence. This is done by maintaining its hegemon position in supplying Caspian energy sources to Europe. ...More

TopicMay 3, 2012 | MA Thesis: Human Security, Peacebuilding, and the Hazara Minority of Afghanistan

Annika Frantzell: This thesis seeks to examine the lack of investment in the human security of the Hazara in the context of their astonishing gains following the fall of the Taliban from power and their increasing exodus from Afghanistan in the face of continued ethnic discrimination and severe economic hardships. ...More

May 2, 2012 | Journal Article: Politics of EU's Structural Fund Policy

Thilo Bodenstein: This article investigates the political determinants of EU’s Structural Fund distribution. It concludes that the official criteria used are not sufficient to explain the final distribution of Structural Funds, and that at the interregional level, pork-barrel politics plays a strong role in determining the amount of Structural Funds. ...More

April 18, 2012 | Term Paper: Islamic Economics and the Global Financial Crisis

Renáta Janka Janka Tóth: The Islamic banking system showed a higher resilience during the global financial crisis than its conventional counterparts and is gaining more recognition worldwide. Some are even considering the implementation of the system in the conventional banking systems of Europe. ...More

April 12, 2012 | Journal Article: The EU's Normative Power - Strength or Weakness?

Tornike Metreveli: The paper tries to critically reflect on the concept of the European Union's Normative Power as advocated by Ian Manners. By drawing on comparative analysis, the paper seeks to illustrate that the EU's normative power can be its greatest strength and its greatest weakness. ...More


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